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Autumn Murray - Simply Amazing Living


Autumn lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children. She is a travel addict, self-professed foodie and has an obsession with cycle/spin classes.

Autumn is an abuse survivor and has a passion for writing about overcoming the obstacles of her past and sharing her experiences of how she is now thriving as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She believes in the mantra to Choose Love in every aspect of her life. Read More…

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This is me trying to limit my views on politics.

It lasted for only a few minutes.

Don’t ask questions if you are not prepared for factual answers.

I will always choose love and I will not be silenced.

@aspiretv is celebrating 10 years of black excellence.

I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon honoring their 10th anniversary featuring Chef G. Garvin at his @lowcountrysteak restaurant.

aspireTV is an Atlanta-based network that celebrates and reflects Black culture and urban lifestyle.

Check out the highlights of the event! Article coming soon in Simply Amazing Living.

#seeyourselfhere #blackownedbusiness #blackowned #blackownedbusinesses #blackownership

@repost @denzel
Thank you for staying with me everyone. I am finding out who my true friends are in addition to those that truly believe in me.

My @facebook account was hacked in December and I haven’t been able to fully recover my account. This has severely limited my business opportunities.

@facebook doesn’t really have a customer service division enabled to helping legitimate customers, influencers, businesses, and/or individuals in securing their accounts and business information.

Several friends have had their #facebook accounts hacked and their businesses interrupted but #facebook does nothing.

@facebook customer service is nonexistent. I have literally sent over 500 emails and chat messages asking for help with my account. I have had zero help. #facebook just stopped responding and closed out my #complaint

Customer service is important in all aspects of our lives.


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