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5 Clothing Staples Every Woman Needs

Every woman needs a few go-to wardrobe staples. Without looking at the essentials of an outfit, it isn’t easy to pair clothing together to create new looks each day. Fortunately, if you take some time to consider what makes an outfit, you can get a better idea of what you need to establish versatility in your wardrobe. To help you get started, here are five staples every woman needs to create consistent outfits.

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1.   The Right Shoes

We all know that shoes are essential to any outfit. However, you can create your entire outfit around the shoes you plan to wear each day. There are no limits to creativity and expression regarding footwear, so have fun with the process. Finding the right shoes means looking at your personality and how your footwear can help it shine.

 You might consider colors or patterns that pop (hello, snakeskin print) or lean on your best ankle Boots to get you through those winter blues. Make sure that your outfit is truly complete with the right shoes.

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2.   Jeggings Or Jeans

On days you don’t feel like getting dressed, your jeggings or relaxed jeans can come to the rescue. A pair of durable and flexible jeans or denim leggings will allow you to stay comfortable throughout your workday, whether by spending time at home caring for your family or pushing through your casual Friday.

3.   Warm Thermal Undershirts

The need for warm winter clothing becomes apparent as the winter season approaches. You can create a fashionable winter wardrobe by focusing on staples like thermal undershirts. Whether you wear these as your winter workout attire or as a cozy underlayer for a typical day, you’re gaining extra warmth and high-quality fabric that will last for a long time.

If you want to play up your style, consider thermal undershirts with thumbholes so you can wear your base layer as a trendy top. Throw a vest over this and some black leggings, then look like the winter wonder you are!

4.   A Halter Sports Bra

An essential clothing staple that every woman needs is a halter top-style sports bra. With this style, you get extra support regardless of your workout and don’t have to worry about straps slipping as you go about your activities. The additional open space on your back will keep you more comfortable as you cruise through your workouts.

You might also choose to wear this sports bra style for your daily outfits. If you’re wearing a particular shirt that is challenging to layer, you may need the type of layering that a halter-top style sports bra provides.

5.   A Cozy Pair Of Lounge Pants

Everyone needs comfortable pants to lounge around in, especially after a long workday. With work-from-home jobs taking the world by storm, and for those who work a standard 9 to 5, the need for cozy lounge pants is critical. Lounge pants also make the perfect companion for those who like to work in their pajamas from home.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, a fitness instructor, or have any position that either leaves you up on your feet or stuck at home (so that’s pretty much everyone), you can benefit from a cozy pair of lounge pants.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Clothing Staples

As you create and upgrade your wardrobe, consider the above five clothing staples. You want to ensure that your closet is filled to the brim with the basics you need to create new outfits every day. Be sure to stock up on essentials to provide your wardrobe with what it needs to store versatile outfits that you can count on.

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