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5 Tips to Relax After a Long Day

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Breathing Exercises

One of the best tools you can have in your relaxation routine is a simple breathing exercise. Knowing at least one breathing exercise to help your mind and body unwind after a hard day can make a big impact on how you feel at the end of the day. It’s also a convenient way to relax if you’re someone with a long commute home.

Think about slow and steady breathing practices that don’t require much concentration, like breathing in and out slowly for 6 seconds each. You're likely to feel a calming effect after just a few deep breaths.

Drink Some Tea

One of the most common practices for cultures around the world to close out a long day is the consumption of tea. It’s one of the practices that unite the Eastern and Western world so whether you’re in China or Great Britain you’ll find families relaxing with a nice, hot cup of tea in the evenings.

With so many different kinds of tea on the market aimed specifically at promoting a calm state of mind, it might be worth testing to shift away from coffee and towards a nice cup of soothing tea.

Calm Down With CBD

More people are catching on to the benefits of CBD supplements, whether they’re hoping to quiet their mind after a long day or treat some of their aches and pains. CBD can do wonders for a stressed-out mind and can also make a big impact on inflammation when ingested orally or applied topically. It might be just the supplement to add to your nighttime wind-down routine.

Practice a Stretching Routine

We don’t always realize it, but through the day many of us end up hunched over or contracted into unhealthy positions causing strains on our muscles, ligaments, and entire body. When our lower back is strained, we can also experience headaches and other symptoms, so it’s important to stretch out after a long day, which is easily done with a foam roller.

This is especially important for people spending long hours seated during the day. This can be really detrimental to our longevity and comfortability on a regular basis, so having even a very basic stretching routine that you follow every day can help manage this. It can be as simple as lying on your back with your legs and heels flat against the wall to help relieve any lower back tension and leg pain.

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Take a Walk

Sometimes we have so much floating around in our heads after a long day of work that it can be hard to shut that off. However, one way people have successfully cleared their heads through history is by taking leisurely strolls.

Walking is an effective way to deal with your thoughts because you often spark creativity when you get your body moving and it can help deal with any anxiety around your thoughts. So before you bring your work home with you in your mind, consider a brief walk around the block and use that time to dispel the negatives.

Although we live in a time when stress and anxiety are very prevalent, we also have a lot of tools that are easily accessible. Building a routine and a habit around relaxation are some of the most effective ways to tackle stress and relax after a long day.

So, whether you choose to implement one of the ideas above or even mix and match with a few of them, the goal should be consistency over time. Take a short walk after work every day for a week and see what type of impact that has on your well-being. It’s the little things that make a big difference in our ability to relax.

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