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7 Gift Ideas for First Time Parents

Parents just starting out are looking everywhere they can to find the best parenting advice and baby gear around. They want their little angel to be welcomed into the world as safely and securely as possible and feel that they’ll do a better job with the right stuff. While we know that good parenting comes from the heart, here are seven gift ideas to help new parents feel better about entering parenthood.

7 Gift Ideas for First Time Parents

1. A Baby Carrier

Instead of answering the phone with one hand with the baby in the other, baby carriers keep things simple and provide a convenience that parents need while keeping the baby close to them so that they still feel safe and cozy.

Having a hands-free baby carrier frees up arm space so parents can continue on with their other responsibilities like changing their baby’s bamboo diapers and preparing for nap time!

2. A Bulk Foods Membership

New parents barely have time to shop, which is a big problem because they quickly run out of baby stuff! Give the new parents the gift of a bulk food membership to get more out of their shopping experience and bring home more of the essentials without spending so much.

New parents will appreciate the bulk box of diapers and baby food they can buy with their new membership card. You’re giving parents the gift of convenience with this one! 

7 Gift Ideas for First Time Parents - stuffed animals

3. Baby Stuffed Animals

New parents need all the toys and distraction techniques that they can get to keep their baby happy. So, consider getting new parents stuffed animals for their baby. The fluffy friends might be the difference between a crying tantrum and a much-needed nap. Just make sure there are no hard buttons or sharp materials on the stuffed animal fabrics!

4. A Baby Schedule Planner

Keeping track of napping, feeding, sleeping, and diaper changes is a full-time job. To make these tasks easier to manage for parents working from home, get new parents a baby schedule planner.

With a baby schedule planner, they’ll be able to keep track of all their parenting duties without forgetting things along the way. New parents can also schedule nap times for themselves and pencil in any friends and family coming over to take care of the baby while they rest. A schedule makes parenting much easier.

5. A Spa Gift

For those occasional days when new parents call grandma or the babysitter to take care of things, treat them to a spa day with a spa gift card. Perhaps they would appreciate a couples massage or individual treatments to unwind and relax. Giving new parents a much-needed break will give them more stamina to face parenting milestones head-on!

6. A Restaurant Voucher

For date night, get new parents a dinner voucher to a fancy restaurant. Give them the gift of a much-needed break and delicious food. They will appreciate that their meals are paid for and will enjoy the experience of being out together that much more because of it.

7. A High-Quality Stroller

Give new parents the gift of a sturdy, high-quality stroller. Strollers are typically put to good use, so finding one that holds up over time might feel as critical as a car built for the winter.

Find a stroller that allows for shade so that the baby can take naps and keep the sun away when they’re out and about with mom and dad.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect gifts for new parents boils down to creating convenience for the parents and ease for the baby. Consider the suggestions in this article and get the ideal gift for the new parents you know!

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