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7 Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Has it All

For the dads who have everything going for them, the best gifts are a combination of sentimental value and functionality. To give the dad who has it all the best gifts this season, here are seven gift ideas you can't go wrong with!

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1. Functional Leather Wallets

Although the Epson printer you got last year was awesome, get your dad something different this year. For example, you might get your dad a trendy yet functional wallet that he'll love. Does your dad like a little color? You can find multicolored leather wallets for dads who like to add a little bit more brightness to their workdays.

Getting your dad sleek and sophisticated wallet gifts is a must this year. Today, elegant designs with multiple pockets are trending, as are money clips to accent these popular and fashionable men's wallets.

2. A Shaving Kit

Your dad deserves some self-care, too. Get him a shaving kit that makes him feel pampered and manly at the same time. Go with menthol-infused gels and creams for an icy-cold sensation that leaves him feeling fresh after every shave.

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3. Organic Whole Coffee Beans

Dads appreciate coffee more than we even know. The right morning cup of coffee can set his day off on the right note to get stuff done! For the ultimate productive workday, get your dad some whole coffee beans to grind himself.

He will love how fresh the coffee stays and might even attempt to make some cowboy coffee on his day off. Get him the beans he needs to keep on his daily grind!

4. A Gym Membership

If your dad has been talking about getting into shape but hasn't done much about it, be the health incentive he needs by giving him a membership to a local gym. He will be motivated to start working out after being gifted with such a thoughtful gesture.

Better yet? Get him a yearly gym membership and a Bobby Flay cookbook so he's committed to his health and diet all year long. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Winter Work Gloves

Dads need to keep their hands warm during the winter. Whether your dad is bringing in the groceries during a cold winter night or chopping wood for a cozy fire, he will want his hands to stay protected and warm.

Get him water-resistant winter work gloves so that he can carry on with his winter tasks without getting frostbite or ruining his authentic wooden watch!

6. Waterproof Winter Boots

Dads need waterproof winter boots to get through the holiday season. Whether he is shoveling the driveway, going on a winter hike with the family, or completing some last-minute shopping amidst the slush and snow, your dad will need waterproof winter boots to carry him through this winter. Go with boots that have rubber soles for a slip-free quality that is necessary during these icy months!

7. Temperature Warming Mugs

A day of work is best accomplished with a temperature-warming coffee mug. Get your dad the gift of hot coffee all workday long.

Thanks to innovative tech, portable mugs now have many features that will keep his cup of joe warm throughout the workday. Choose from classic editions like brass, copper, and steel. Or better yet? Have his mug personalized for a real treat!

The Bottom Line

For the dad who has it all, stick to gifts that provide sentimental value and functionality. If it's improving his health, wellness, and ability to get things done, you're golden. Consider the dad gifts above to make your dad's day this winter season. 

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