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7 Tips to Attend College in the U.S.

To prepare for the beautiful journey ahead of you, here are seven things to take care of to prepare for college in the U.S. Follow these tips and reap the benefits!

7 Tips to Attend College in the U.S.

1. Get To Know The Culture

Once you've handled the essentials, spend some time getting to know American culture so you can feel comfortable in your new school environment. Consider watching American TV shows, learning about current events, and the general way of life.

Try getting a mentor to help you form social connections. The more networking you do, the better your likelihood of successfully navigating your time abroad. Be sure to get vaccinated so you can safely travel during the pandemic.

2. Apply For A Student Visa

Take your time researching the different options for a student visa USA, the application process, and the identification documents you will need to have with you to apply. Look for certified schools that host international students and prepare for your visa application to these options. You can contact your local embassy and the potential schools to find out more information.

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3. Find College Advisory

See if you can find any college advisory centers that can help you with the process of finding college opportunities in the U.S. You may also reach out to international students who have studied in the U.S. and learn about their experiences. If you are interested in a particular school in the U.S., contact the international admissions office at this school to learn about academic assistance for international students.

4. Look Into Funding

There may be opportunities to earn tuition money for your program. Look online for grants, scholarships, and financial assistance from exchange programs to see what options are available to you. You may also qualify for school-specific grants and scholarships by completing tasks associated with those programs.

5. Prepare For TOEFL

To attend many secondary institutions in the U.S., international students must pass the TOEFL, the Test of English as a Foreign language, to qualify. College advisors review your scores to see how proficient you are in English, which influences your likelihood of succeeding in college programs within the U.S.

6. Determine Your Structure

Studying in the U.S. is half of the process; you'll also need to determine whether or not you want to work in the U.S. while you attend school if you are applying to do so, and what additional forms or applications you will need to complete for permission.

Different visas allow for different lifestyles, including permission to work or not work while studying in the U.S. Contact your student advisory program at the college you have been accepted into to learn more. Be sure to reach out to the Department of State to get the specifics you need. 

7. Look Into Different Programs

In the U.S., the degree options are based on six levels, with the opportunity to pursue postdoctoral programs based on research.

You may choose your program for the right level but note that most traditional jobs in the U.S. typically require a bachelor's degree or higher to consider a candidate qualified for a position.

That being said if you need to achieve postsecondary accreditations, an associate’s program can be an effective complementary program to include on your resume.

A Rewarding Experience

Attending college in the U.S. can be an enriching experience if you're willing to take the time to prepare in advance. Beyond the forms and applications, you'll need to have handled well before your program start date, remember to learn about the culture so you can feel right at home when you arrive.

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