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Actress Melanie Zanetti Filming in Atlanta

By Autumn Murray – This article originally appeared in the Georgia Hollywood Review

Now that film projects have started up again it seems like everywhere you look in Georgia these days you can see a celebrity. We recently spotted Melanie Zanetti, one of Australia’s top actresses, in Serenbe, Georgia filming the movie adaptation of Gabriel’s Rapture, the second novel in the best-selling romance series Gabriel’s Inferno by author Sylvain Reynard. In the film series, Zanetti stars alongside Italian actor Giulio Berruti.

The cast and crew just wrapped filming in Italy before their arrival in Georgia. Devout fans of Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel series are eagerly awaiting the film’s release exclusively on Passionflix, a new streaming platform that turns best-selling romance novels into movies and series (available on Gabriel’s Rapture is set to be released later this year.

Bluey is near and dear to my heart because of the positive social impact the show is having, particularly on fathers.

“The fans of the Gabriel series have truly been amazing. I’ve been really impressed with the energy of the community that love these books. At times it is overwhelming with the love and generosity of spirit extended towards me and my co-star Giulio because you don’t always get this type of reception. In fandom communities, people have specific ideas, and they not only want the films to live up to the images in their minds but also to the essential feelings of how the books made them feel when reading them. Director Tosca Musk has kept very true to the books in these films, and I believe that is why the movies have been so well-received by the fans” says Zanetti.

Zanetti was a child when she discovered her passion for acting. When she was 10, her parents took her to see Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing on stage and she still remembers the excitement she felt when watching the performance. Zanetti recalls, “My entire body was buzzing and I just felt alive. I literally fell in love.”

In 2007, she received a Bachelor of Theatre Arts degree from the University of Southern Queensland. Unlike a lot of parents who guide their children to take a “safe” route of getting a practical degree, Zanetti’s parents saw their daughter’s passion and devotion to acting and encouraged her to switch from her originally planned journalism degree to a degree in acting.

She has an extensive body of work in popular TV shows (Bluey, Young Rock, The End, The Bureau of Magical Things); and film (Love and Monsters, The Leisure Class, Tracks, Battle of the Damned); and has several projects in the works.

Actress Melanie Zanetti Filming in Atlanta

Actress Melanie Zanetti | Photo by Mia Forrest

Zanetti has a leading role as the voice of the mom dog (Chilli) on Emmy-winning
Bluey, Australia’s wildly popular children’s educational cartoon that has captured the hearts of people of all ages. It is a sweet and funny show teaching lessons about the power and importance of imaginary play and focuses on the challenges of growing up. The show also features the daddy dog (Bandit— voiced by David McCormack) in an active role in day-to-day childcare: helping, cleaning, and doing other chores around the home—not the common father role portrayed in cartoons on television and film.

Bluey has been streamed over 200 million times, making it the most popular program ever on Australia’s public broadcasting on-demand system. With the release of Bluey on the Disney channel in January 2020, the first season won an Emmy in addition to reaching 16 million views in the US. Season two is now available to stream on Disney+.

Actress Melanie Zanetti Filming in Atlanta 2

Actress Melanie Zanetti. Photo by Amelia Dawd

Zanetti declares that out of all the work she has done so far, she is most proud of her work on
Bluey. “Bluey is near and dear to my heart because of the positive social impact the show is having, particularly on fathers. It is literally changing the way fathers parent their kids. The show has received incredible feedback from parents saying that the show has taught them how to play with their children. We’ve even had teachers say that this show has taught autistic children in their class how to play with other children. It is truly an amazing show and I love being a part of it.”

Instagram: @melaniezanetti

Actress Melanie Zanetti Filming in Atlanta article

Actress Melanie Zanetti. Photo by Tom Bell


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