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Christmas Shopping with masks

Amazing Christmas Shopping Tips to Help Save Time and Money

Christmas will soon be upon us and it will be time to go shopping for those people we love. Sales will come right and left. However, this year is the year to spend wisely. We do not need to get ourselves into unnecessary debt just to show someone we love them by purchasing an expensive gift.

There are many ways to show people we care without breaking the bank. It is possible to go Christmas shopping on a budget. When we look at TV, all we see are ads telling us where to spend our money. They should tell us where not to spend our hard-earned money. Don't you think?

Christmas shopping fund

Christmas Fund

At the beginning of the year begin putting aside money for Christmas shopping. Every time you get paid, take about 5% out of shopping only. This will help you budget your money. You will avoid getting into debt or overspending money during the holidays. Take a white envelope and label it ” Christmas Fund”. Plan on spending money later in the year. In the meantime, your job is to set aside money little by little. This will ease your mind and you won't worry about having money for Christmas.

Set a Goal

Know how much you plan on spending for Christmas time. Set a goal like $1200 or $800 for Christmas. This way you have control over your cash and will not go over this limit. Stay in your spending range.

Write it Down

I can't express to you the importance of writing things down. It is important to see it on paper. When you see it, it makes it more substantial. Write down what you plan to spend and what you plan to save for the Holidays. Do it because it makes a difference.

Shop at Certain Times

Buy winter items during the warmer months. Buy summer items during the cooler months. When you purchase this way, you save money. Why? Retailers try to clear their shelves for newer items. They will price these items lower just to get rid of them. You can save money and buy that special someone a nice gift.

Christmas shopping Sale

Look for Sales

Of course, you know to do this. Look for those sales. Use coupons and look for buy one get one half off. It helps. Shop around holidays to save money. The weekends are the best times.

Don't Use Credit Cards

Some people are tempted to use credit cards when buying gifts. I advise you not to do this. It is not a good idea to put anything on credit. Credit cards are plastic nightmares. They lure you in with the 0% interest rate. It is not a wise choice. Don't risk getting yourself into financial trouble just to impress a loved one. Do it the old fashion way, save, and then buy what you want for them.

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