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Atlanta and Model Actor G. Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a fifty-nine-year-old lifestyle model, actor, and screenwriter living in Atlanta who believes that “living your best life” means never giving up at any age.

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Atlanta Actor and Model G. Eric Smith

G. Eric Smith's Early Years

Smith’s passion for the film industry began at an early age.  He and his younger brother, Jared, had an eight-millimeter camera, and together they created short films by recording each other acting out parts and filming their surroundings on Long Island, NY.  Their father was a New York City police officer assigned to the S.E.S. unit which worked exclusively with the film industry.  Smith and his brother went with their father on location to movie and television film sets and were eventually hired as extras for numerous films shot in the ’70s.  They also appeared in several episodes of Sesame Street.

Smith attended Roosevelt High School in Roosevelt, NY where he met and became close friends with Eddie Murphy and became a part of Murphy’s comedy group – EMMK – a group of high school friends looking to find success in the comedy industry.  During their time in high school, Murphy and the members of EMMK were doing their stand-up comedy routines at bars and gentleman’s clubs.  Smith’s father, being a cop, was not thrilled with his son going to these types of places at such a young age and put a stop to his stand-up comedy career at that time.

Smith’s high school classmates also included several young promising black men who went on to lead highly successful and respected careers, including infamous rapper Chuck D from Public Enemy, singers Aaron and Damien Hall from the R&B group Guy, and basketball legend Julius Erving – Dr. J.  Soon after high school, Eddie Murphy landed a job as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and is now one of the greatest comic legends of all time.

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Atlanta Actor and Model G. Eric Smith

Tops in Blue Competition

After graduating high school, Smith joined the Air Force and served from 1981 through 1991.  During that time, he entered the Tops in Blue competition where he won MC/Master of Ceremonies.  Following his win, he re-launched his stand-up comedy routine with much success.  He opened for R&B artists Ray, Goodman, Brown, and several other popular entertainers at the time who visited and entertained the active-duty troops.

Throughout his lifetime, Smith has held a variety of jobs including comedian, actor, Baptist preacher, Air Force officer, correctional facilities officer, and home contractor rounding out the top jobs that he has spent building his career.

What are your career goals? 

My main goal is to be a successful screenwriter.  I am equally involved in writing, modeling, and acting but writing is what I am most passionate about and I believe it is what I do best.  I’ve done a lot of ghostwriting for people over the years and have written several television and movie scripts. I'm currently shopping for three scripts; one is a feature film and the other two are episodic projects.

Can you tell us about your writing?

My writing primarily focuses on African American culture, particularly generational curses, and superstitions.  I like to think outside of the box and write storylines that are different vs. recycling what has already been done. I am looking forward to obtaining financing and distribution for my projects and sharing my stories with the world.

What is your advice for older individuals wanting to start in the film and/or modeling industries?

Age is literally just a number.  Don’t let your age or self-doubt hold you back from anything.  The saying ‘act your age’ doesn’t mean anything because on the inside, I feel young.  I don’t ever want to ‘feel’ old.

For modeling, Smith is signed with The Salt Agency — an editorial, fashion, runway, lifestyle, and commercial modeling agency.  For acting, he is signed with Aligned Stars Agency — a talent agency focused on representing performers in film, television, commercial, print, voiceover, and industrial.

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Atlanta Actor and Model G. Eric Smith

G. Eric Smith's girlfriend Sonya Siegler manages his social media channels and professional bookings. 

Sonya and I are a team and for the first time in my life, I have someone who believes in me, gives me advice, and supports me unconditionally. Together, we can accomplish anything we set out to achieve.

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