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Baby Shower Gift Guide

Have you been invited to a baby shower and not sure what to bring as a gift? Baby showers are a chance to celebrate the baby as well as help out the parents. Any gift is certain to be appreciated, but if you want to buy a gift that stands out here are a few special ideas that are certain to make an impact.

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Baby clothing is often the go-to gift – but think twice before buying newborn clothes. Babies can often get inundated with newborn-size clothes, but rarely do they ever all get worn. Some infants are born so big that they immediately skip the newborn size altogether, resulting in lots of clothes that never get worn at all. Plan ahead and buy a few clothes in a bigger size.

If you’re looking for baby clothes that stand out, consider getting a sleepsuit or bodysuit that’s monogrammed or one containing an embroidered personalized message. You can find lots of companies online that offer this service. You could also consider splashing out on some boutique baby clothes – if you visit here you’ll find lots of elegant baby clothes for a touch of luxury. You could even consider buying seasonal accessories such as hats and gloves for the winter and sunhats for the summer – these important items can often get forgotten about.


As sweet as soft toys and funny parenting books can be, they’re not exactly practical. If you’re buying a gift for a mother-to-be who is financially struggling, consider small gifts that are certain to get some usage. Diapers, baby wipes, and formula milk might not seem gift-worthy, but they could be essentials that the mother needs. Other practical gifts like bibs and blankets might allow more personalization (you can get these items monogrammed for a personal touch or even hand-knit your own blanket if you’ve got the craft skills). On top of this, there’s always the option to give money or gift cards, which can be spent at their leisure.

Something for Mommy

Baby shower gifts don’t have to be aimed at the baby. New moms often need some TLC so consider small gifts aimed at them that could help to make the transition to parenthood that little bit easier. Gifts to help them relax when they get their moments of peace could include bath bombs, herbal drinks to help them sleep, chocolate, and even perhaps a bottle of wine or champagne.

Best Baby Shower Gift Guide

Joint Gift

If they need certain big gifts like a bed, stroller, or a car seat, consider chipping in some money with some of the other people attending to afford such a large gift. This could be a surprise gift, or it could be a planned gift (planning with the mom-to-be it could ensure that you buy something that’s to their liking). You could even consider all putting money together and giving cash for the mom-to-be to spend on what they want.

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