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Benefits of Dog Sweaters

Benefits of Dog Sweaters in Winter

Winter, some of us hate the snow and cold. Some folks, this author included dislike winter so much that we curl up in a corner with a blanket and a heater and count away the months until the first Robins of spring arrive. That works out well unless you have a dog. Dogs get so demanding about going out for a walk. The walk serves as exercise, social time, and elimination period and each of those needs is pressing. So your dog demands that you, you the owner, caretaker, companion, ensure that walk happens. Then you wonder why you can't hire someone to help you walk the dog during the winter months as you bundle yourself up with so many layers of sweaters, jackets, and the like that you have difficulty walking.

Keep Your Pets Warm In Winter

Soon though you remember just why you love your pooch and you can enjoy watching your animal friend romp in the snow. So while you are toasty warm perhaps your poor pooch isn’t especially if your dog is a Chinese Crested. What to do? Depending on the breed of dog you have you might choose to put a sweater on your animal companion. Sure, some people snicker when they see dogs wearing clothing but the point is to protect and your fur babies warm in the cold weather. 

Sweaters on dogs act in the same way that they do on you. They trap body heat in and aid you in keeping warm. Certainly, most dogs have fur but some of them have either very little fur or they just aren’t built for cold weather. If your dog originally came from the Mediterranean then life in Alaska might be a wee chilly for the little thing. A sweater, in that case, will do wonders for your little companion.

Protect Your Pets From the Chill of Winter

While there are a lot of dogs that can benefit from putting a sweater on them there are a number of dogs that simply don’t need the help. There is a family of dogs known as Spitz dogs, no the name has nothing to do with what the dog does with his saliva, and these are northern breeds with a lot of fur. These Spitz dogs are perfectly adapted for cold weather and sometimes a sweater might help them overheat.

Spitz-type dogs include dogs such as the Norwegian Elkhound, Akita, and the American Eskimo dog. Other dogs that don’t require a sweater include the Labrador Retriever, Chow Chow, and Bearded Collie. Certainly, there are many more dogs that don’t require a sweater but an exhaustive list can be found elsewhere.

Dogs that might require sweaters in winter would include the Chinese crested, Greyhounds, and Dachshunds. Again, there are many more dogs that would require a sweater. While decking your dog out in a hip, cool sweater you might consider boots too. There are some dogs that do require booties to wander in the snow comfortably.
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