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Best European Resorts for Skiing at Christmas

If you love asking, you will love these European resorts! The Christmas holidays are a magical time for everyone. It is a time when everyone leaves their problems behind and tries to live in an atmosphere of love and charity, leaving behind all those negative emotions that overwhelm their lives. That is why many decide to escape during the Christmas holidays to winter destinations so that they will be completely lost in the magic of the most wonderful time of the year (reading it with the voice of Andy Williams).

A winter ski or snowboard resort is a great way to experience this fantastic holiday. Every winter resort is decorated with beautiful lanterns and lights, the snow-covered fir trees create the perfect background, and the various skiers dressed in Santa Claus costumes will surely take you to a world where there are no problems – only snow and good times. But what are those winter resorts in Europe that are ideal for providing you with these unforgettable moments that we describe?

Lech, Austria

When it comes to ski resorts, you can not resist the rare combination of beauty, picturesqueness, diversity on the piste, and good quality snow. Think of all these elements of the resort and then multiply them by ten during the Christmas season. So it is no wonder that Lech and its neighbor Zürs are the most popular ski resorts in Austria. Popular and usually congested, these two Austrian villages offer thousands of visitors who honor them every year five-star services, luxury hotels, and restaurants. It is worth noting that the Warth-Schröcken has the heaviest snowfall in all of Europe, averaging 10.6 meters, so get ready for a real “white Christmas”.

If you have a “black belt” in skiing and your experience dictates that you use only black slopes (i.e. the hardest difficulty), in Lech you may be a little disappointed since they do not exist. In black slopes, you will only find one track above the Zürs, but it is relatively small. But the secret is on off-track routes. Get informed, move carefully and safely, and you will find a wide variety of off-track routes with great expanse and difficulty.

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Val Thorens, France

The famous Val Thorens is the highest winter resort in Europe, with the village at 2,300 meters, while it is also the highest point of ski interest in the world. The elevated position of Val Thorens ensures the existence of snow from November to May, and now the whole settlement and its ski center enjoy the preference of skiers from all over the world.

Cosmopolitan and traditional, quiet and busy, Val Thorens has something for everyone. The ski resort provides a range of activities and experiences to suit all tastes and difficulty levels. Tracks for beginners, intermediate and advanced, unique snowboarding and other snow sports, all framed by full fun non-skiing activities. With excellent accommodation facilities and a wide range of exercises, Val Thorens Winter Resort is one of the ideal options for your Christmas holiday.

You can, say, enjoy your drink on the snowy slope, to the sounds of loud music played by many open clubs there, you can ride a bike in the snow, go sleigh rides, or even ride the zipline – that thing when you hang from a rope and slide on a wire (yeah I know!). You can also spend New Year's eve on the mountain, accompanied by sparklers and fireworks, embracing your loved ones in your arms. Now using the services of Erna Low, you can experience all these fantastic and festive sceneries, booking a complete accommodation package at the resort, without having to intervene for anything. All you have to do is enjoy your vacation.

St. Anton, Austria

The ski resort of St. Anton is one of the top five centers in the Alps. The reasons are many, with first and foremost its excellent location and the abundance of quality snow for skiing. Other very serious reasons include the fact that St. Anton has 340 km of track and another 200 km with off-track routes, while the transfer system to and from them consists of 97 top-quality lifts.

While many easy slopes are available for beginners at lower altitudes, climbing also raises the level of skiing – exponentially! The experienced skiers will love it, and the middle-level skiers will find an excellent opportunity for solid training and maybe a level up.

In St. Anton, however, the fun does not stop at skiing. Having now developed and created all the necessary infrastructure, St. Anton is now recommended as a destination ideal for a short day trip with all the comforts and facilities. Good restaurants, lots of hotels, and unsurpassed nightlife for fun, saunas, and spas for relaxation and treatment. Ideal for your short-lived Christmas vacation.

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