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Best Gigs Coming Up In 2018

Summertime is coming! With the summer months coming up, it's now time to plan to get on the road and experience all the wondrousness of the summer weather. One of the best ways to do this is, most definitely, a summer concert. You get to experience some fantastic music, but also with open-air gigs, you've got some fantastic ambiance to experience. So, what are the best gigs coming up this year?

Steven Tyler's Janie's House

Summertime concerts in 2018
Niall Horan

This One Directioner has gone from strength to strength, with his debut solo record gaining popularity and credibility (a difficult feat), he is the One you wouldn't expect to be the most popular out of all of the band, but he is making headway! You can get more information on his tour dates at

Ed Sheeran

What else can we really say about Ed Sheeran? He's had one hell of a year so far, with his ÷ tour hitting various stadiums across the world, you wouldn't think that's someone with a guitar and a loop pedal could make tunes so catchy! But his anthems, from classics like “The A-team”, all the way through to beautiful ballad “Perfect”, means he's got everyone in the palm of his hand. Beware with ticket merchants right now, as they are adding excessive booking fees, but there are some reputable ones around, and you just have to know where to look. A site like is one of many ticket websites to examine. And with big names like Ed Sheeran getting behind the crackdown of ticket touts, you won't be spending a hell of a lot of money for a great night out!

Taylor Swift

We couldn't mention Ed Sheeran without mentioning Miss Reputation herself! Her Reputation stadium tour is hitting every continent, and she's known for her high-octane pop shows. It's going to be hit after hit after hit! Look What You Made Me Do? Look what she's made us all do!

Maroon 5

Pretty much the elder statesmen of the pop anthem now, Maroon 5 are kicking off their tour in May, and are on the road until the middle of October. And the great thing is if you want to relive those classics, such as This Love and She Will Be Loved, there still seems to be plenty of tickets available. We will all have the Moves Like Jagger on that night out!

Harry Styles

Be warned, most of his dates have sold out already, but you might be in for a bit of luck if some tickets get released at the last minute. But, with his arena tour selling out so much, you never know, he might upgrade to a stadium! And fingers crossed he throws in a couple of One Direction tunes alongside his acclaimed solo material.

Yes, as the spring paves the way for the summer months, you've got plenty of time to get some money together to go see your favorite act. Summer concerts, in blistering hot weather, means a combination of fun and some damn good music! No summertime sadness here!

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