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Chicago Metallic Mini 3 tier cake pan
The Best Mini 3 Tier Cake Pan!

How cute are these mini 3 tier cakes?  My daughter's birthday is coming up soon and she wants something different for her birthday cake this year.  She doesn't want a cake from a bakery, donuts, or cupcakes.  When she saw me trying out these pans from Chicago Metallic, it was love at first sight.

I am loving these stainless steel mini 3 tier cake pans by Chicago Metallic.  They are easy to use and the final results are absolutely adorable.  However, I am torn between wanting to be dainty and decorate them to look like wedding cakes while at the same time fighting the desire to pretend that I am a giant and destroy the cakes by biting of the three layers of the cake one bite at a time.  Nom, nom, nom.

Mini 3 Tier Cake Pans by Chicago Metallic

Baking tips for Chicago Metallic's 3 Tier Cake Pans:

  • One box of cake mix will make three of the four min cake cylinders.  Make sure to fill the cake batter to the top of each cylinder.  It will overflow slightly when baking, but you can cut the overflow off after baking so that the cake has an even, flat bottom. 
  • You will need at least two boxes of cake mix to fill all four cake cylinders.  I baked two batches and used two boxes.
  • Make sure to spray the pan with non-stick spray so the cakes pop out with ease after baking.
  • Try making different flavors of cake mixes and cut the tiers off and stack the different flavors of cake. 
  • Each cake equals two portions.  I recommend cutting the cakes in half and serving as two portions as it is more than enough for one person.

For my daughter's upcoming birthday, we decided on baking several of the mini 3 tier cakes and having each of her party guests decorate them individually for a fun party activity.  The guest who decorates the cutest of all of the cakes will receive a grand prize. 


The Chicago Metallic mini 3 tier cake pans are a huge hit in my house.  They are extremely easy to use, easy to clean after use, and the little cakes that they make are simply amazing!

Chicago Metallic Mini Cakes

About Chicago Metallic

The baking experts celebrating 100 years of innovative and durable bakeware products including jelly roll pans, muffin pans, cake pans, and more! At Chicago Metallic they believe that serious baking requires serious bakeware. That’s why we’ve been crafting innovative equipment for professionals and serious home bakers for over 100 years. It's the reason they've been able to build a global reputation one kitchen at a time.
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Chicago Metallic Mini Cake Pan

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