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Boosting Your Metabolism

Boosting Your Metabolism in the Summer the Easy Way

Boosting your metabolism with these easy lifestyle changes! During the winter, our body is trying to build up some reserves, and this makes most of us worried when weighing ourselves during the spring. The good news is that by making small changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to tackle the extra lbs you built up and increase your metabolism. If you’d rather not starve yourself or keep a strict diet, you might be interested in how to increase your metabolic rate in the summer.

Boosting Your Metabolism

Increase Your Activity Level

The best thing for digestion is exercise. No matter if you are skipping your TV time and going for a walk, or take on yoga, get on your bike in the morning, or simply do more around the house. You will have more daylight hours available to get out and about, walk, and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are walking more or starting a morning workout routine in the garden, your metabolism will improve and help in the process to lose weight.

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Boosting your metabolism with fresh produce

Eat Fresh Produce

If you haven’t visited your local farm shop or farmers’ market this year, it might be time to have a look around and choose your favorite seasonal produce. Try different vegetables and fruits that you haven't before. From cauliflowers to Aubergine, iceberg lettuce, and fresh “dirty carrots” straight out of the ground – there are plenty of options to choose from.

boosting metabolism with starting your own gardenStart a Vegetable Garden

If you would like to increase your physical activity level and eat fresh to improve your digestion, you could start a small vegetable patch. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of space. Use window boxes if you live in an apartment, or implement square yard gardening if you have limited outdoor space.

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Hiking boosts your metabolism

Set Hiking Goals

To motivate yourself to exercise more, you might want to set some achievable challenges that will help to rev up your metabolism. Check out your local area for hiking routes, and build up your strength regularly. If you lived a pretty sedentary lifestyle during the winter months, you cannot expect your body to cope with a 15-mile hike first time. Start with short, flat routes, and increase the difficulty and the distance every week. 

Yoga boosts metabolism

Start Your Day with HIIT Yoga

To boost your metabolism, you could start a 5-10 minute yoga routine that will help you improve your digestion and get more oxygen in your lungs. If you have outdoor space, you should find suitable yoga clothes that will help your skin breathe and help you deal with the rigorous Vinyasa routine. You could also try combining HIIT with yoga to improve your metabolism throughout the day.  You will not only build strong, lean muscles but also help your heart and your lungs and help to control weight gain.

Whether you are worried about how you’ll look in your bikinis on the beach, or simply would like to feel stronger and lighter, there are several ways of improving your metabolic rate. Swap your chips to celery sticks and fresh produce, and get on your bike instead of driving everywhere. With the good weather just around the corner, you have no more excuses to stay at home watching Netflix. Being active will also help with weight loss.

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