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Capturing the Magic of Wildlife on Vacation

The world is brimming with natural wonders, making it hard to choose where to begin exploring. If you want to observe unique species that are only found on one or two islands, then Madagascar is the perfect destination. However, if you're eager to witness something extraordinary and otherworldly, the Indonesian islands offer an abundance of weird and wonderful creatures. 

Traveling is all about discovering new things and experiencing activities that you can't find at home. However, our innate human curiosity is causing some serious problems as we all flock to these natural attractions, disturbing the environment and ruining the moment. 

The solution is responsible wildlife travel, which means that you can still indulge in these awe-inspiring experiences without causing any lasting damage. You can opt for a full holiday or just a day excursion, but knowing that your actions are beneficial for everyone will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your trip.

Capturing the Magic of Wildlife on Holiday

Capturing the Magic of Wildlife on Holiday

Be Considerate with Your Camera

Taking photos is such an instinctive process for the traveler, even when you are more of a point and click kind of photographer than a real professional. When you are capturing pictures of wildlife, do take the subject into consideration beyond what looks good. In other words, that rhino might look amazing up close, but if it thinks you are in its space, it’s not going to be happy.

The best thing you can do is sit and watch your subject for a while to figure out any patterns in behavior before you start taking pictures. This way you can be as unobtrusive as possible and get a much better picture as a result.

Don’t Forget to Tidy Up

If you are planning to go on a trek or into an arid landscape, you should definitely be prepared and take a bottle of water with you. However, do remember that you should take any rubbish back with you; never leave your waste in the wild.

Plastic is causing all kinds of problems around the world, on land, in the oceans, and on beaches too. Taking it home really can’t be that hard and if you set a good example, hopefully, everyone else on your trip will do the same.


For a completely different experience to your usual luxury holidays, why not try volunteering? With the right organization, you can make a real difference to the species you are working with and learn a lot about conservation too. There are lots of opportunities around the world with various foundations set up to protect certain species.

There is no better way to get up close and personal with an animal safely and productively than by volunteering and it is an experience that you will carry close to your heart for the rest of your life.

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