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Chef Pano's Thanksgiving Recipe image

Chef Pano's Leftover-Over Turkey Sandwich

Chef Pano's Famous Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

Looking for something to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Well, look no further as Chef Pano Karatassos has you covered with his famous recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers.  If you are like me, I hate to waste food and am always looking to finish the leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Chef Pano is the Executive Chef of Atlanta's acclaimed Kyma restaurant and Corporate Executive Chef of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. In August of 2019, Chef Pano competed on the Food Network's show, “Beat Bobby Flay.” Chef Pano prepared his Signature Dish, Lamb Pie, and defeated Bobby Flay!

What to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

You can make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers by transforming them into satisfying sandwiches, pot pies, and so much more.

Don't just heat up your Thanksgiving leftovers, give your leftovers new life with these crave-worthy recipes created by one of Atlanta's top chefs!  Try Chef Pano's Famous Leftover-Over Turkey Sandwich recipe, his simple Turkey Pot Pie recipe, or both with your Turkey Day extras.

Chef Pano's Leftover-over Turkey Sandwich

Chef Pano’s Famous Leftover-Over Turkey Sandwich


2 Slices – Bread
1Tbl – Cranberry Sauce
1Tbl – Sweet Potato Soufflé
3 Slices – Turkey Breast
2Tbl – Stuffing
2 Tbl – Cold Gravy


Griddle both slices of bread on one side. Spread the cranberry sauce on the griddled side of one toast and sweet potato soufflé on the other side. Place the turkey slices on the sweet potato souffle and the stuffing over the cranberry. Place the gravy over the turkey breast, close the sandwich and press.

Chef Pano's Turkey Pot Pie image

Chef Pano's Turkey Pot Pie

Chef Pano's Turkey Pot Pie Leftover Recipe


3 cups Turkey
1.5 cups Veggies
½ cups Gravy
Two 10” Round Pie Crusts


Preheat oven to 425 F.

Combine veggies and gravy in a bowl. Place mixture on the bottom of the pie crust. Layer with turkey and cover with crust.

Bake for 30 minutes at 425F.

Chef Kelley Hick's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chef Pano Pot Pie Recipe image

Chef Pano's Pot Pie

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Buckhead Life Restaurant Group operates 103 West, Atlanta Fish Market, Bistro Niko, Buckhead Diner, Chops Lobster Bar, Corner Café, Kyma, and Pricci restaurants in Atlanta. Inspired by a diverse profile from around the world, they offer a variety of high-end dining options. From Italian, French, and Mediterranean cuisines to traditional steakhouses spanning from Georgia to Florida, Buckhead Life Restaraunt Group caters to everyone's appetite.

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