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Choose Love Campaign #ChooseLove

I pledge to Choose Love.  I pledge to accept others regardless of our differences, to not exclude anyone because they do not believe in the same things that I believe in, and to go out of my way to focus on love and not hate or division.  Will you join me?

Love is Everything.Choose Love #ChooseLove #ChooseLoveGM

Choose Love T-shirts!

Please join us in spreading awareness of this campaign by wearing your Choose Love t-shirt and posting pictures to one or more of your social media accounts with the hashtag #ChooseLove.

I would imagine only die-hard WHAM! and George Michael fans actually know the history behind the meaning of the  “Choose Life” slogan.  Katharine Hammett, an English fashion designer who debuted in the '80s, designed oversized t-shirts with large block letter political slogans.  Katharine thought that if you want to get your message out  – what better way than printing it in giant letters on a t-shirt?  “Choose Life” is actually about choosing life over nuclear world destruction.   I read somewhere that Katharine's t-shirts were designed to be copied, with the sole aim of spreading political messages around the world.  A portion of the sale from her politically motivated t-shirts also went to designated charities.

Choose Love #ChooseLove #ChooseLoveGM

Follow #ChooseLove

Each day I will post a picture on my Twitter account (@autumnatlanta) featuring different people around the world wearing the Choose Love t-shirts.  My goal is to remind everyone that love and compassion for others should come above all else.  We were all put on this earth together and we should work towards loving and accepting everyone.


Choose Love #ChooseLove #ChooseLoveGM

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