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Christmas Pretzel Rods Recipe

Christmas Pretzel Rods are perfect for any Christmas or holiday celebration.  This recipe is delicious, easy to make, and doesn't take a lot of time to make.  My daughter and I like to make these during the holidays and give them as presents as they are so pretty.  We hope you love this Christmas Pretzel Rods recipe as much as we do.

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What You Need:

Parchment lined baking sheet
12-inch piping bags
Tall cup
Microwave safe bowl


Pretzel rods or pretzel twists
White candy coating and/or Red candy coating (or almond bark)

Holiday Sprinkle mix


Step 1:
Add the candy wafers and/or almond bark to a microwave-safe bowl. Melt according to package instructions.

Step 2:
Dip rods into the chocolate to coat, then place onto parchment to set.

Step 3:
Add sprinkles immediately to some and allow time to set without sprinkles.

Final Step:
Once completely set (about 15 min) warm the red candy in a piping bag for about 45-60 secs. Snip off a small hole in the tip and squeeze the chocolate out in a back and forth motion. Add sprinkles and let set fully before bagging or serving.

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Pretzel Rod image

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pretzel being dipped

Pretzel recipe

pretzels in process

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