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College Campus Safety

When students go to college, their safety is probably not the first and foremost thing on their minds. But college campus safety is of great importance. Often, students will be walking at night by themselves, along dimly lit paths or city streets. They will be meeting many students and adults who are strangers to them. Parents should make it a high priority to discuss ways that their college-bound kids can protect themselves and stay safe on campus.

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Avoiding Dangerous Situations

One of the most important college campus safety rules is to try to avoid putting oneself in potentially dangerous situations. Travel in groups of two or more and take routes to classes or dormitories that are well lit and well-traveled. If there is public transportation, make sure it is used at nighttime.

At college parties where there might be alcohol or drug use, make sure to pair up with a trusted friend and to practice good self-control. Carrying a self-protective device such as mace, a whistle, or even a taser would be helpful. Having a cell phone will come in handy if a call to campus security or the police is necessary.

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Being Aware of Surroundings for Safety

Being aware of one’s surroundings is a point that cannot be understated. Know where the exits are. Look around often when walking. Look into strangers’ faces confidently, and take note of distinguishing features. Notice when a car slows down suspiciously, pay attention to the license plate, and move away from the curb. Before getting into a car, check the back seat and any areas around the parking spot for hiding places.

Other Tips for College Campus Safety

Here are some other important tips to help college and university students protect themselves and stay safe while away at school:

1. Make sure that trusted friends know each other’s whereabouts (library, classes, after-school job, on a date, etc.).
2. Know the routes all around campus.
3. Don’t take out or carry too much money or wear expensive jewelry.
4. Wear comfortable clothes and running shoes when out and about.
5. If instincts say don’t do something, then don’t.
6. Program important phone numbers (campus security, police, etc.) on cell phones.
7. When dating, meet at a particular location at first, not at one or the other’s dorm room.
8. When facing confrontation or under possible attack, use a loud, confident voice to discourage assailants.
9. Attend a self-defense class for further college campus safety protection.
10. Learn about workplace violence and how to stay safe when at a part-time job.

For many students, attending a college/university will be the first experience away from home for an extended period. Kids need to learn how to be aware of their surroundings and protect themselves from the many dangers present on college campuses. Using the college campus safety tips above, students can eliminate many of the risks they could potentially face and be free to enjoy an exciting and hopeful time in their young lives.

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