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Crazy Rich Asians Movie

We had the pleasure of being invited to the exclusive Atlanta premiere of the Crazy Rich Asians movie, which was held at Atlantic Station. It was an amazing experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed the romantic comedy. The movie is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan released in theatres on August 15, 2018.

The movie closely follows the plot of the book and is filled with hilarious moments. As the title suggests, some of the characters are not just rich, but “crazy” rich, which means they are extremely wealthy and extravagant. For instance, they can drop a cool $1.2 million on a pair of earrings.

I am excited to see the recent trend of diverse representation in the film industry. With movies like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, I hope this trend continues. It is empowering and emotionally satisfying to see oneself or one's community represented in the film and entertainment industry. It means a lot for everyone to have equal representation on the big screen.

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians promotional poster

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Rating: PG-13
Release Date: August 15, 2018


Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Lisa Lu, Awkwafina, Sonoya Mizuno, Chris Pang, Jimmy O. Yang, Ronny Chieng, Remi Hii, Nico Santos, with Ken Jeong and Michelle Yeoh


“Crazy Rich Asians” follows New Yorker Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding), to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore.  Excited about visiting Asia for the first time but nervous about meeting Nick’s family, Rachel is unprepared to learn that Nick has neglected to mention a few key details about his life.  It turns out that he is not only the scion of one of the country’s wealthiest families but also one of its most sought-after bachelors.  Being on Nick’s arm puts a target on Rachel’s back, with jealous socialites and, worse, Nick’s own disapproving mother (Michelle Yeoh) taking aim.  And it soon becomes clear that while money can’t buy love, it can definitely complicate things.

Author of Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan

Author of Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan, was born in Singapore, into an established Chinese family.  Kevin's family moved to America at the age of 11.  His books include Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People problems.  He was named as one of “Five Writers to Watch” on The Hollywood Reporter's list of Hollywood's Most Powerful Authors in 2014.  In 2018, Kwan was one of Time magazine's list of 100 Most Influential People and was inducted into The Asian Hall of Fame. 

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  • I’m sure going to be looking for this more. I love the plot an comedy that makes it which caught me. Nice article!!
    -Young Writers Pro

  • It sounds like a really interesting movie! I haven’t heard anything about it so I hope they do release it in Australia for me to go and see!

  • We love to watch movies. Even when we slow travel, we manage to sneak into theatres once in a while. We saw Avatar when we were backpacking Viet Nam.. Haha! Happy to know Crazy Rich Asians is getting released on Aug 15. Sounds like a fun movie and hope to catch it!

  • I’ve heard about the book but I didn’t know that there’s a movie coming out! I’m sure it’s really exciting to watch! I’m definitely going to look forward to this one!

  • I read the novel. I didn’t know a movie was being made on it. Looking forward to watching this movie. I really love the plot.

  • I’m excited to watch this movie. The trailer looks really interesting. Wish it releases in India also.

  • This hotel looks amazing I loved everything about it. The interior is just amazing with all wooden details . Would love to stay in this hotel.

  • Crazy Rich Asians seem like a hilarious movie and perfect for girls night out or couples having a date night. This post makes me want to read the book and then catch the film asap.

  • I just saw the commercial for this. I am definitely going to see it!

  • I read the book a few years ago and it would make a great movie! It was hilarious just how far from my life their world is!

  • This was my first peek at the film, but I definitely want to see it! It looks super funny!

  • I have actually come across a few promos and they do look promising. Im pretty sure it will do well all over including India:)

  • I haven’t read the book. I don’t really read plots like this, but I definitely watch movies like it. I would love to see this now

  • It seems to be that kind of movie that you watch once, laugh and that’s it. Sure for those who love easy going comedies it would be ideal.

  • Suzanne Melton
    August 8, 2018 8:16 am

    My partner wants to see this movie because they think it will be a lot of fun. It definitely looks interesting – we’ll have to check it out.

  • I have read an article about this movie but have yet to watch the trailer. Thanks for sharing. I like comedy movies. I can use a good laugh.

  • i have recently convinced my husband that he can watch chick flick too. So Crazy Rich Asians is the next movie on our list.

  • I love the trailer. It looks like an interesting movie. Will check the cinemas where I am to see if they will show it.

  • Blair villanueva
    August 9, 2018 3:09 am

    Hello dear! We are excited too, because this movie although partly fiction also describes what the life of many discreet crazy rich asians! For us Asians, this is like a full juicy reality show! Can’t wait!

  • Looks like a funny movie but I probably will wait u til I can illegally download it to watch it lol

  • Comedy is my favourite genre when it comes to movies. I like the trailer will probably watch it on vacation.

  • This movie seems to be very interesting. I’ve found your article just in time as I’ve been searching for some movie ideas for this weekend!

  • Blair villanueva
    August 11, 2018 7:47 pm

    This kind of movie doesn’t need more publicity coz iys already huge for us Asians. Watching this will complete our shiok experience!

  • This movie looks like it is going to be quite comical. The previews I have seen definitely make me want to at least see it to see if it’s my humor.

  • heyyy..this is the kind of movie that I dig. I think I’ll like this based on the plot you’ve shared. It will be on my list to watch.