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Despicable Me 3 Movie

My family and I attended the advanced screening of the third installment of the Despicable Me movies in Atlanta and we really enjoyed it.  Sometimes movie sequels can be disappointing and not have the magic of the original movies.  However, Despicable Me 3 lived up to the potential of the first two movies.

I will admit, we all loved it for different reasons.  It had me at 80's music, my husband from a comedic standpoint that is relatable to adults and children, my daughter for the cuteness of Gru's daughters (Margo, Edith, and Agnes), and my son for the adorable Minions.   Who doesn't love computer-animated comedy films that provide entertainment value for all ages?   The tickets we received were complimentary.

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 promotional photo.


Despicable Me 3



The Minions were just as naughty and comical as they have been in each of the movies. We are introduced to Gru's identical twin brother and learn a little about their upbringing and their parents.  In my opinion, Steve Carell (Gru) and Kristen Wiig (Lucy Wilde) are hilarious in whatever they do and they continued to drive that point home in Despicable Me 3.  What I would give to listen in on them reading their lines during the filming of this movie.  I can only imagine that they were cracking each other up and several retakes had to be done.

Despicable Me 3 movie

Gru and Lucy

About Despicable Me 3

Illumination, who brought moviegoers Despicable Me and the biggest animated hits of 2013 and 2015, Despicable Me 2 and Minions, continues the story of Gru, Lucy, their adorable daughters—Margo, Edith, and Agnes—and the Minions in Despicable Me 3.

After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself amid a major identity crisis.  But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother—a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin’s despicable footsteps—one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.


A portion of the cast that did the voices for the film includes Steve Carell (Gru), Kristen Wig (Lucy), Trey Parker (Balthazar Bratt), Mirando Cosgrove (Margo), Dana Gaier (Edith), Nev Scharrel (Agnes), and Pierre Coffin (Minions).

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Autumn Muray and family

Autumn Murray and family at dinner before Despicable Me 3 movie

Thank you Universal Pictures for hosting my family!

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We received complimentary tickets to the movie but as always, this did not influence my review.


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