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Diversity in Entertainment with Black TV Film Crew

I recently sat down with the ridiculously talented Yasmin Shiraz.  Yasmin is a Writer, Director, Film Producer, and Founder of Black TV Film Crew.  In my discussions with her, I discovered that she is deeply passionate about promoting and supporting diversity in television, film, theater, and basically all facets of the entertainment industry.  As anyone who knows me can testify to, I am extremely passionate as well about diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life.  We wanted to feature Yasmin and Black TV Film Crew on Simply Amazing Living to share membership information and to highlight the professional accomplishments of Yasmin which I hope in turn will inspire others.

Diversity in Entertainment with Black TV Film Crew - Yasmin Shiraz

Yasmin Shiraz- Writer, Director, Film Producer and Founder of Black TV Film Crew

Black TV Film Crew - Supporting Diversity on the set

Yasmin Shiraz – Black TV Film Crew

Shiraz created Black TV Film Crew in 2017 after she was looking for women cinematographers for a feature film project. Not only did Shiraz find women cinematographers, but she also found so many talented people of color who work in a variety of positions.  She then went on to create an organization to promote job openings within the entertainment industry to help members secure jobs and to also help members increase their marketability – Black TV Film Crew.

Black TV Film Crew is a professional community membership organization and a media platform that engages black people who work in the areas of television, film, theater, and other entertainment. The organization promotes its members, engages them on their core issues, and provides job leads, training, and other resources for the members of the community. Black TV Film Crew also highlights popular entertainment properties that feature people of African descent.

Black TV Film Crew Chapters

Black TV Film Crew currently has chapters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC, and is looking to expand to other major cities. 

I asked Yasmin about how she thinks that writer-director Jordan Peele's Oscar win for best-original-screenplay and being the first black screenwriter to win an award in this category would impact the film industry.

“Obviously, it is great to be recognized for your work. With the recent success of Jordan Peele's “Get Out,” Ava DuVernay's “13th,” and Ryan Coogler's “Black Panther” it all comes down to box office sales. Green makes the change, not black.  Peele, DuVernay, and Coogler have changed the game with their box office successes and have opened the doors of opportunity for other black filmmakers.”
– Yasmin Shiraz

Yasmin also believes in putting your money where your mouth is.  In light of Papa John’s CEO recent use of the N-word as well as some of the other things that have come up with the CEO, they have placed the company on their shortlist of Unacceptable Food Vendors for Craft Services. They want their members to “Craft with their Conscience” and not support/promote businesses that do not respect other cultures. Strike Out Against Racism

Services Offered

Black TV Film Crew offers sponsored posts, product reviews, social media amplification, giveaways, newsletter sponsorships, and advertising packages for their customers.

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Yasmin Shiraz – Directing “They Call me Dae”

Yasmin Shiraz

As founder and Editor-In-Chief of Black TV Film Crew, Yasmin identifies the needs of the membership, organizes events, opportunities and creates corporate sponsorships for the brand. She is a graduate of Hampton University and Morehead State University having both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Sociology.  Shiraz has had several projects appearing on PBS, DIY, and Yahoo. She’s a successful author with more than 8 books to her credit including the American Library Association Top Ten Quick Pick, Retaliation. She runs Still Eye Rise Media, an independent production company.  Yasmin is also an accomplished motivational speaker who has done keynote presentations at more than 100 colleges and universities throughout the US.  More information on Yasmin and her body of work can be found at

Black TV Film Crew's Mission

The mission of the Black TV Film Crew is to connect black professionals throughout the US who share a similar interest in pro-black media. It is our mission to educate and entertain their members with products, projects, and opportunities that will elevate the workplace.

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