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Autumn and Ava Dont Wait Vaccinate

Don't Wait Vaccinate

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Don't Wait Vaccinate!
Unity™ Consortium Can Help

Did you know that doctor well-check visits are significantly down due to the Covid-19 pandemic?  Unfortunately, some parents have been opting out of taking their adolescents for their annual physical or check-up. Not taking adolescents for these important doctor visits can be dangerous as these visits are
a preventative measure and a vital time for parent, patient, and doctor communication.

During well-check visits and annual physicals, health care providers check to make sure vaccinations are up-to-date in addition to giving patients time-sensitive screenings to detect health problems before they become serious.

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Immunizations are Important

The Center for Disease Control recommends vaccines to protect against serious illnesses including meningitis (2 vaccines), cancers caused by HPV, whooping cough, and flu. These routine immunizations are important to keep adolescents healthy. Vaccines may be needed for adolescents to return to in-person activities such as sports, summer camps, and school.

Don't Wait VaccinateUnity™ Consortium

Unity™ Consortium

It is completely understandable that some parents may be skeptical about visiting healthcare providers for well-check visits and vaccinations due to all of the disinformation online.  

Unity Consortium is a non-profit organization that unites diverse groups around a common passion – the imperative to protect adolescents and young adults against all vaccine-preventable diseases to support lifelong health. Their vision is to ensure that 90% of adolescents and young adults are vaccinated with nationally recommended vaccines.

Unity's website helps put parents' minds at ease with valuable vaccine information and helpful resources.

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Teen Vaccines

Unfortunately, the decline in immunization rates results in increased susceptibility to vaccine-preventable illness. This gap is even more pronounced for vulnerable populations including minority and lower-income families.

My daughter's health is important to me. After reading about the importance of making sure adolescent vaccines are up to date and the safety precautions that healthcare providers have put in place on Unity's website, I recently took my daughter to get her vaccines up to date.   I honestly feel better knowing that I did the right thing for her health and safety as well as the health and safety of our community.

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Vaccinate Today!

Vaccines are needed for disease control and prevention and to keep ourselves and our communities safe.  Let’s get vaccination rates back up!  Follow Unity to stay updated on the latest vaccination news related to teens and adolescents, and check-in with your pediatrician today!


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