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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Swaps

Eco-Friendly Swaps for a Healthier Kitchen Environment

Exposure to toxic chemicals is often hidden in the very items that we use every day, especially in the kitchen. From cookware to cleaning products, we may unknowingly be subjecting ourselves and our families to harmful substances that have the potential to cause a myriad of health problems.

Here are some easy swaps for limiting your exposure to less than healthy products while also moving toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen and cooking experience.

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Stainless Steel Cookware

Most homes take advantage of the convenience of non-stick cookware. However, did you know it can give off toxic gases when being used?

Brands such as Teflon, use Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is what gives the cookware its non-stick properties. However, studies have shown that when heated to high temperatures, toxic gases are released, which research has suggested may lead to various health problems, including being a contributing cause of cancer.

Instead, it’s best to use stainless steel cookware. If you can’t live without your non-stick cookware, however, it’s best to cook with them over lower temperatures.


Use Glass, Rather Than Plastic Bottles

Plastic water bottles tend to be the go-to option. However, they can also contain numerous harmful chemicals such as BPA. These can leak through into the water, then absorb into the body when you drink from them.

Instead of using plastic bottles, aim to switch to glass bottles instead. These don’t contain harmful chemicals and they are reusable which means they are also better for the environment too.

This goes for storage containers as well. Storing leftovers in plastic has long been an economical way to go but consider switching to glass containers. Not only are they safer, but they will last longer making them an economical choice in the long run.

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Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are a huge source of harmful chemicals. However, did you know you can now purchase natural cleaning solutions?

There are more natural cleaning solutions out there than ever before. When you consider traditional chemical cleaners contain bleach and ammonia, it’s worth looking into natural alternatives. The fumes released from cleaning products can lead to respiratory issues and they are also extremely dangerous for children.

And, using these toxic cleaning solutions in the kitchen where you prepare food should also be a concern. Opt for natural solutions including making your own as a safer alternative for your kitchen and cooking areas.

kitchen health - eco-friendly DIY Multi-Surface Castile Soap Cleaner

Multi-Surface DIY Castile Soap Cleaner

This 3-ingredient castile soap spray is biodegradable so it's safe to use indoors as well as outdoors. It's also safe to use on your hard stone countertops such as granite. The addition of essentials oils makes it a great antibacterial and antiviral solution, as well.

Here's how to make it:

– 1 cup distilled water
– 1 tablespoon unscented liquid castile soap
– 10 – 15 drops of essential oil such as lemon, orange, peppermint, tea tree, or lavender.

Using a funnel, add water to a glass spray bottle. Add castile soap and essential oil. Gently shake the bottle to combine. Be sure and label your bottle so you know what's in it.

Spray any areas that need to be cleaned and wipe with a damp cloth.

Store the bottle out of direct sunlight or heat, which can change the chemical properties.

Healthy Food Swaps

Simply click on the picture below to get the PDF file to download and print.

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