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5 Ways to Share Joy this Holiday Season

Five Great Way to Share Joy During the Christmas Season

There are simple things that you can do to share the warmth of the holidays. Brighten someone's day this holiday season with these few simple actions.

Everyone is feeling the pinch during these tough economic times. Instances of depression and loneliness are also markedly higher during the holiday season. There are many things you can do to help others to get through these trying times. Make it a family affair, children will learn the real meaning of Christmas as they share their joy with others. Share your happiness by following these few suggestions.

Five Ways to Share Joy this Holiday Season

Sharing Time With Those Who Are Lonely

1. There are many lonely people who live in nursing homes. They may not be able to leave the building or even their bed. Some of these people have no family to visit them, not even at Christmas. Imagine the warm feelings you could spread by visiting just one lonely resident. Contact a nursing home near you and ask if there are any such patients who could use visitors. You may just make a new friend.

2. If you are homebound, you could do something as simple as sending a card to a nursing home patient who would otherwise not receive one. Call nursing homes or your church to get a list of people who are homebound or stuck in the hospital or nursing home. If they won't give out names, just make a few cards or notes and send them to the hospital or nursing home to be distributed as they see fit. The activities department loves to have new things to hand out, and they would know exactly who needs to receive them. They also enjoy seeing the smiles that your thoughtful gift brings out in their residents.

3. If you are talented at sewing or knitting, you could volunteer to make and distribute hats, mittens, or blankets to a homeless shelter. This is also a good way to help if you are stuck at home.

4. Take a meal to an elderly neighbor or couple and plan to spend an hour visiting. You will be surprised at how much joy you can bring to a lonely soul, just by being there. It doesn't matter what you talk about, but I'm sure you will hear lots of great stories if you take the time to listen.

Five Ways to Share Joy at Christmas

Leave the Joy With Them

5. Help an elderly or disabled neighbor put up their Christmas tree. If they don't have one and you are able, buy a small tabletop tree at a discount store. Buy a bag/box of candy canes, some Mardi Gras beads, and maybe a strand of lights. It is just that simple. You will have a great time decorating their little tree together. The best part is that this tree will fit just about anywhere, especially small apartments or hospital rooms. If/when the new owner of the tree does have other guests, they will have candy canes to share with their visitors.

These simple acts of kindness don't take much effort or money. These are the kinds of memories your children will cherish. It will teach them how important it is to care for another person. They might even be surprised at how much they actually get out of it.

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