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Formula X The System XCEL

Formula X The System XCEL

Formula X  | The System Xcel

It is a wonderful four-piece customizable gel-like mani set that I recently tried out.  This product was sent to me complimentary in exchange for a review.  The system includes three nail basics which are Cleanse, Prime, and Shine.  Then, of course, the long-lasting Nail Color.

System Excel Nails Pin 2

Step 1

Applying Cleanse is the first step of the process and it removes all oils on the nails and it is fast drying.  I love that the provide a cleansing component in their system that has been developed specifically for the nail bed.  A key part of nail polish longevity is to start out with a thoroughly cleaned nail.

Step 2

The second step is applying Prime, which is a base coat made with keratin and advanced bonding agents to help the polish last longer.

Step 3

The third step is applying the nail color.  The hard part is figuring out which nail color to choose from as they have a wide variety of vibrant nail colors.

Step 4

And the fourth and final step in the process is applying Shine, which is an acrylic-fortified quick-dry topcoat with a gel-like shine and finish.




Formula X  | The System Xcel Overview

The product label states that the nail color should last up to 10 days.  It lasted about seven days for me, however, I am very active and type a lot – so it may just be me.

Overall, I’m very pleased with The System XCEL! I think it could easily replace a salon manicure. My favorite part

It is formulated WITHOUT:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates

System Nails Pin 1

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