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Four Unknown Villages in Europe that are Worth Visiting

Unknown villages can be the best travel destinations!  Visiting a destination that is not as popular as others can offer extraordinary encounters that you might not experience in a more touristy location.

Travel is the culture we shape through experiencing new places and new people. Of course, Europe has much to offer with its diverse landscapes and extraordinary architecture. But for me, the picturesque villages that are hidden at the foot of mountain ranges or on the shores of crystal lakes are what I love to explore.   

Why not leave the bustling cities behind and travel to some of the fascinating villages in the European countryside?  Here are four destinations to add to your travel list.

Unknown villages in Europe

Castle Combe, Britain

In the unknown villages of Europe that every traveler should put, the countryside of Britain has a very special place. Castle Combe is often referred to by the British as the most fairy tale village in the country. It is located northwest of Wiltshire, near Bath. It is 144 km from London and can be reached by train from London St Pancras or by car. It is also not surprising that several Hollywood movies were shot in this place. Medieval buildings, narrow cobblestones, and stone bridges, all well harmonized with the green landscape create a landscape that even the best-set designer could not create. So transform for a while as Oliver Twist and fly from roof to roof, sharing joy and happiness.

Unknown villages in Europe

 Unknown villages -Giethoorn, The Netherlands

Giethoorn, The Netherlands

The fairytale side of Giethoorn is the main reason it was added to the list of unknown villages in Europe. The Dutch call it the Venice of the North. What sets Giethoorn apart from other destinations and makes it a must-visit, is the fact that you won't encounter actual roads rather than canals. The only way to move around the city is by foot or by boat. Reed houses connected by wooden bridges and small cafes under tall trees, compose an idyllic setting. After your excursion to the artistic capital of Van Gogh, Amsterdam, it is worth taking a day off and getting to Giethoorn by train (duration: 2 hours) to experience this water paradise.

Unknown villages -Norcia, Italy for

Norcia, Italy

Visitors quite underestimate the Italian countryside. Away from the traffic lights that glorify its big cities, Italy also offers a charming village near Perugia waiting to be discovered by the people. To reach this specific village you can choose for your comfort of transportation a rental car. The car will transport you quickly and pleasantly to your destination without worrying about sparse bus and train routes. You'll be able to enjoy your trip to this ambiguous village, without worrying for a moment about your journey.

If you are looking for rental cars in Italy, Enjoy Travel provides you with dozens of car choices with the most economical and reliable solutions. So you can reach the village of Norcia. Norcia, a medieval village with its picturesque Piazza San Benedetto, will take you back to the days of the Roman Empire. In its square, you will find the cathedral of the 13th century Saint Benedict, the loggia dei Mercanti built in 1570 as well as the restored Palazzo Comunale. The village of Umbria also has to show its traditional and delicious cuisine based in Mediterranean cooking practices.

Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

Staufen is another unknown village in Europe with its chest full of secrets. Staufen is in the southern part of Germany hidden at the edge of the Black Forest, producing the best wines in the country. Two myths wander over the village's atmosphere. The first legend says that any traveler who falls into one of the long narrow canals of the village will marry a local folk.

The second myth based on German tradition says that the alchemist Faust died in this village and sold his soul to the devil. Arriving at the gothic square of the village, you will also be amazed by its imposing fountain and its countless wine bars. It is undoubtedly an enigmatic village, but the myths are motivating you even to visit it and see how much brilliance such a small place can hide.

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