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Georgia Hollywood Review Thursday Night Live Events at 42 West Entertainment Group

We pinned down the ever-busy Miles Neiman, the mastermind behind Georgia Hollywood Review, Georgia Hollywood TV, Grow Georgia Films, Miles Neiman Talent Management, and The Thirty-A Review to discuss his latest collaboration – Thursday Night Live – monthly red-carpet parties.

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Miles Neiman

Can you give us the scoop on your Thursday Night Live red carpet parties?

We have partnered with Angelo Diaz and Franck Mille, owners of the Pretty Fly Society, an Atlanta multi-dimensional organization in the professional development, fashion, pop culture and entertainment industry to create Thursday Night Live monthly events.

Thursday Night Live events are designed to be high-energy networking events with a platform of diversity and inclusion for people working at all levels in the entertainment industry.  The format for each event will have a Saturday Night Live vibe with a host/moderator, performances by A-list comedians and musical artists, and a DJ.  We will hold a Georgia Hollywood Review Roundtable and present an Excellence in Entertainment Award to an individual with an above the line job in the industry (actor, director, executive producer, producer, screenwriter, casting director). – Miles Neiman

How did Thursday Night Live events come to be?

Everyone is anxious to get back out and socialize, especially those of us in the entertainment industry as a lot of productions were pushed back due to the pandemic.  We want to provide a safe social environment in a fabulous event space for people to have fun and network.  We are excited about our partnership with Pretty Fly Society and their management of the logistics for the events. Their event designs are always leading edge and never disappoint.
-Miles Neiman

Why did you partner with 42 West Entertainment Group?

It was an easy decision as 42 West Entertainment Group is Atlanta’s number one entertainment industry event venue. It is the creation of Atlanta Hawks’ star Kevin Willis and award-winning Event Designer/Planner Lauren Pelissier.  42 West Entertainment Group is a dream come true for our industry as the 9,0000 sq ft facility was designed with the flexibility of being a transformative event space making it the ideal location for film, television, commercial, brand activations, and online productions. -Miles Neiman

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Kevin and Lauren also support the Atlanta community in a big way.  They specifically designed a charitable component for all for-profit events held at the venue to provide a charity donation to nonprofit organizations. The goal is for paid events to be a funding stream for Atlanta nonprofits to hold events at the facility without a rental fee.

Thursday Night Live events are free. Cash bar with wine, beer, and signature cocktails along with a variety of Atlanta’s top food vendors will be available for purchase.”

How will the Georgia Hollywood Review Round Table be managed?

At each event, the host/moderator will conduct a group interview of entertainment industry professionals where they will answer questions about their craft, their inspirations, their challenges, and projects they have worked on in Georgia. It will be filmed live and aired later on Georgia Hollywood TV (available on YouTube, Roku and Amazon Fire). -Miles Neiman

Now let’s switch gears to Grow Georgia Films, is it true that your production company is expanding?

Yes. At Grow Georgia Films, we produce and write incredible scripts and stories for feature films, series, and short films. We hire Georgia talent, both above and below the line, and create films which tell stories that are engaging, socially relevant, and impactful to the viewer.

We have a dozen projects that we are working on outside of Georgia, everywhere from Los Angeles to the United Kingdom.  By expanding our reach outside of Georgia, we are paving the way to connect film industry markets and film industry professionals throughout the world to Georgia. –Miles Neiman

Are there any new plans for the Georgia Hollywood Review?

Absolutely, at the end of this year, we plan to launch our first online Georgia Hollywood Review publication focusing on both Georgia and Hollywood. Half of the magazine will focus on the Georgia film and entertainment industry and the other half will be dedicated to the Hollywood film and entertainment industry.

The goal with the expansion of the magazine is to build a tangible bridge between Hollywood and Georgia and create a continued amicable playground for storytelling.  Ultimately, creating a spirit of goodwill and inclusivity that supersedes politics in the entertainment industry.
Miles Neiman

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