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Happy Life - Getting your life back on track.

Getting yourself and/or your life back on track one step at a time after experiencing loss or grief is important.   Unfortunately, there are many ways for us to get out of sync with our lives and few options on how to get back into the swing of things.  People fall into cycles of misfortune for various reasons.  It could be because of destructive habits or just a lack of positive direction.  It only takes an unfortunate health diagnosis or the loss of someone close to us to cause us to feel natural emotions of isolation and grief.

Getting your life back into a positive cycle is not easy, particularly if you have been procrastinating about doing so.  Helpful ways to kickstart the repairing process are listed below.  Please note that while these positive steps can lead to long-term positivity, you should always first seek the advice of a medical professional. 

Sleep is essential to getting your life back on track.

Stick To A Schedule
Often, our use of time loses perspective when we have goals in place for our daily lives. One of the early predictors of being depressed is staying up late at night and sleeping late in the day.  If you find yourself in this nocturnal schedule, it is important to get back to a beneficial sleep cycle. Try going to sleep an half an hour earlier as well as getting up a half an hour earlier each day to slowly get yourself into this rhythm.  This may take a few days to get back on track.  Your circadian rhythms often completely dictate your emotional, physical and mental regulation, so be sure to understand how important positive changes here can be. Ideally you should wake up and sleep at the same time every day, as this is what the body responds to best.

Throw Out Your Vices
This can be easier said than done. Sometimes ensuring you commit to women’s sober living or quitting smoking is indescribably hard. However, proximity matters. Throwing out the things that afflict you can be a method of exercising authority over your decision making. This might mean taking the time to pour out every bottle of wine and beer can you have in the house, as a symbolic form of personal sovereignty that can help you in that mindset. It might mean throwing your cigarettes in the dumpster. It might even mean smashing your game console in your backyard. Whatever afflicts you and holds control over you needs to be gotten rid of in this way. The act of doing so helps you come back to empower yourself.

Know Your Strengths
Write down your strengths, even those things that you might not have utilized in years and reflect on them. Could you bring them back into your daily routine?  Ask yourself, are you the person you deserve to be?  Are you great at connecting with people? If so, go out and network. Are you a singer or do you love music?  Expression helps us all get rid of those mental and communicative cobwebs. When you focus on the positive things you’re good at, by extension you will end of neglecting those things that bring you down.

Wishing you the best of luck in getting your life back on track one step at a time.

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