Calling for All Game of Thrones Fans to Medieval Times | ! #GOT

I was hosted by Medieval Times for dinner but the views and opinions are my own.

Game of Thrones Final Season

Game of Thrones fans will love Medieval Times!  Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is the perfect place to get in the Game of Thrones mindset. Led by a Queen as powerful as Daenerys Targaryen (or Cersei Lannister, depending on who you’re rooting for in the battle of the seven kingdoms), this immersive experience transports you back to the medieval ages – there’s even a medieval torture room that might make you think of Ramsey Bolton and poor Theon Greyjoy.

Calling for All Game of Thrones Fans to Medieval Times | ! #GOT

Feast Like a King!

Fans who have been waiting for the finale to this epic story will love the drama and action during the show, which features jousting, horsemanship, and a knightly tournament.  The four-course feast – served with no silverware to heighten the medieval spirit – is an experience not to be missed!

Calling for All Game of Thrones Fans to Medieval Times | ! #GOT

Calling for All Game of Thrones Fans to Medieval Times | ! #GOT

Medieval Times – Fun for the Entire Family!

My family and I had a chance to experience Medieval Times in Atlanta for the first time and we loved it!  We knew about Medieval Times from advertisements and had heard from friends how fun it is, but just hadn’t had the chance to experience it ourselves.  My favorite portion of the dinner show was the falconry and it was amazing that the falcon was named Autumn!  Falconry dates back to 2000 BC when birds of prey started being used for hunting and sport.  Watching the bird sore around the arena was an incredible experience.  Fun fact about falcons, on average most falcons can fly up to 50 miles an hour and have been known to descend up to 250 miles per hour.  That is fast!

Calling for All Game of Thrones Fans to Medieval Times | ! #GOT

Me with my family enjoying our feast.

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry. He went to Jared.

Calling for All Game of Thrones Fans to Medieval Times! | #GOT

About Medieval Times

Medieval Times recreates an era when royalty gathered for tournaments and feasted while watching knights compete on horseback.  Their dinner theatre takes you and your guests out of today’s world and back to 11th century Spain where they are treated like royalty.  There are several locations in the United States to choose from.  To find a location near you click HERE.

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