Gray Away | Temporary Color Has Never Looked So Good!

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Gray Away

Ah yes, the joys of getting older and getting gray hairs.  I started getting a few random gray hairs in my early 30’s and I started doing what you are not supposed to do – pulling them out.  I don’t know if the old wives’ tale is true about making them multiply when you pull them out – I was just trying to get rid of them the quickest way possible!

Eventually, the gray hairs were too many to pull out so I switched to going to the salon and getting my hair dyed. Then, I struggled with what to do in between salon visits.  I couldn’t afford to go to the salon every time a few random gray hairs would make their unwanted appearance.  So I started using a variety of different products to keep them covered by any means necessary.

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Gray Away | Temporary Color Has Never Looked So Good!

Spray Away the Gray!

I recently discovered Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray and Gray Away Root Touch-Up Quick Stick and I am loving the results!  It covered up my gray hairs around my temple quickly and easily.

Gray Away products are perfect for quick touch-ups in between salon visits and at a cost that won’t break the bank.  Both Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray and the Root Touch-Up Quick Stick are easy to use to touch up and cover gray roots and they both cost just under $10.00.

Gray Away | Temporary Color Has Never Looked So Good!

Grays Be Gone!

Gray Away offers affordable, salon-quality temporary color products that you can easily use in the privacy of your own home. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle as I do, you want to save time any way you can. 

The Root Touch-Up Quick Stick provides ultra-targeted gray root coverage at the hairline and eyebrows and is dual-ended with an angled tip for precise application and a sponge tip for effortless blending.

Where to Purchase

Gray Away is conveniently available online or in-store at Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, and ULTA Beauty.

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