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Green Day Revolution Radio Tour is Simply Amazing! #simplyamazingliving

Green Day Revolution Radio T-shirt (photo adaptation by Autumn)

Green Day Revolution Radio Tour Stop in Atlanta

Green Day's ‘Revolution Radio’ tour was my first time seeing them live in concert. It was an amazing concert and made me regret not shelling out the cash to see them on one or more of their previous tours. The energy of the entire band was infectious.  The audience was definitely feeding off the vibe of the band and vice versa.  Billie Joe Armstrong, the band’s lead singer, was very engaging with the audience and you could just feel his love of performing live emanating from him.  After more than 20 years of being together as a band, and even longer as friends, it is apparent that Mike Dirnt, (bassist), Tré Cool (drummer), and Billy Joe Armstrong genuinely love each other and still enjoy playing together vs. just doing it for the money.

‘Revolution Radio” is their twelfth studio album released in October 2016 – and their tour is promoting that album.  I highly recommend seeing them in concert!

On a side note, I am a huge George Michael fan.  During the concert, when the saxophone player started playing ‘Careless Whisper' as a tribute and recognition of George Michael passing away suddenly on Christmas day, my love for Green Day grew <3 (and I didn't think that would be possible). 

Go to Green Day's official site to see how you can join the “Still Breathing” movement.

Autumn Murray in Green Day Revolution Radio tour shirt

Who Wants to Be Politically Correct Anyway?

One of my favorite rock bands of all time is Green Day.  I first started listening to them when their album “Dookie” came out in 1994.  Unfortunately, I wasn't cool enough back then to know about their first two albums “39/Smooth” and “Kerplunk” until after I discovered “Dookie.”

About Autumn

I have always loved Green Day's anti-political stance that is reflected throughout their music and videos.  Moreover, it is wonderful finding out some of my politically conservative friends are fans of their music.  They don’t really listen along to the meaning of the words in the song and some really have no idea what Green Day is about    Trying to stay out of political discussions, I always wonder if they would continue to enjoy Green Day's music if they knew their political views.  I would like to think that they would, but I'm not willing to test those waters.

Autumn Murray's #STILLBREATHING photo

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