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Hand Model Superstar or Not?

As a child, I was always complimented on my hands. Whenever I visited a nail salon, the technician never failed to praise my hands, mostly because of my long nail beds. Having long nail beds can make even short nails appear longer. However, despite the compliments on my hands, I have never received any compliments on my feet. In fact, I'm pretty sure my toes are just as long as my fingers.

In 1999, I decided to try my hand at hand modeling (pun intended). I went to a professional photographer, had my hands photographed, and spent a lot of time researching modeling and talent agencies nationwide. I received some interest after sending my photos and contact information to about 100 agencies.

However, some out-of-town agencies were requesting me to meet them at their offices and pay for my travel expenses. Being new to the modeling business, I wasn't sure if this was standard practice or a scam. Additionally, I didn't have the extra money to spend on trips that may or may not lead to employment. So, I decided to focus on local Atlanta modeling agencies and declined the offers from out of town.

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A few companies in Atlanta hired me for some jobs, but my hand modeling career was short-lived. It ended during a diversity photo shoot for a major airline company. I was one of six models with different racial and ethnic backgrounds hired for the shoot. The focus was to highlight the diversity of the company's employees. During the shoot, the photographer made comments about my hands not being dark enough. He kept asking where the African American model was, and everyone looked at me. The photographer then added a dark shade of liquid foundation to my hands, but he still wasn't happy with the color. Eventually, he asked a Caucasian hand model with a suntan to step in for me. It was a humiliating experience. There was nothing in the contract that said I was being hired as the African American hand model, and I didn't list my race on any of my contact information. I wondered why they couldn't determine my skin color from my photos.


“I am questioning the logic of a photoshoot that aimed to promote diversity but excluded me for not being ‘black enough'. It was surprising to see the Caucasian girl getting selected over me because she was considered ‘more black' than I am. It was ironic. 

After that incident, I stopped hand modeling even though I had a full-time job at that time. I regret that I let that one incident stop me from pursuing my career as a hand model. However, I do not regret my decision because it did not impact my life negatively. 

Although I won't be pursuing hand modeling anymore, there is still a demand for it. For now, I will stick to my own modeling on Simply Amazing Living, but who knows what the future holds?”

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