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How to Host a Fun Holiday Party

Hosting a holiday party can seem like just another thing you have to do during a busy holiday season. However, hosting a holiday party that everyone can have fun at doesn’t have to be a chore. While your guests should feel comfortable, they should also have a good time. Here’s how you can host a fun holiday party.

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Have a Themed Party

Choosing a theme helps you plan your party better so that your party decorations match and your guests know what to wear without asking. It will also make your party stand out from the numerous other parties your guests will be attending this year.

While you can always host the classic ugly Christmas sweaters party, you can also try something new, such as a beach theme that takes people’s minds off of the harsh winter weather or a pajama party that lets adults act like kids for one night out of the year.

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Organize Yourself and the Guests

Getting organized is key to having a fun holiday party that’s free of stress and preventable problems. Before you start getting organized, consider whether you’re having a large or small event so that you can determine how many plates and utensils you’ll need and how many holiday cookies you’ll need to bake.

By making these simple but important decisions early on in the party planning process, you can plan your party better and worry less. You should always start by creating a guest list and a to-do list after that. By knowing who you’re inviting, you can also ask them to bring food, desserts, and even silverware.

Rent a Photo Booth

If you want your party to be remembered, make sure that people snap some pics. While smartphones will always be the go-to camera at parties, you can make your holiday party stand out by allowing guests to use a photo booth. Renting a photo booth from a vendor can give your guests something to take home from your party if there isn’t going to be a gift exchange.

Try Snacks Only

Snacks and finger foods make parties more fun because people will be able to snack as they mingle. Dinner parties don’t allow guests to move around and chat as easily. You can order your snacks from a catering company or ask your family and friends to bring something to your party so that you don’t have to worry about getting food there on time.

Play Music

While you may not have a dance floor in your living room, music can help set the mood of your party. Make sure that you play happy, upbeat tunes or typical Christmas music to keep your guests entertained. If you want to get your guests more involved in the making of the holiday playlist, ask each of them to write down a song when entering the party so that you can make sure to play it.

Donate Leftovers

Let your guest know beforehand that you’ll be donating any leftover food to help feed families in need over the holidays. Doing so will make more of your guests want to bring a little something extra so that they can give back to the community alongside you.

You can also celebrate the holidays by having a raffle and asking your guests to purchase tickets to win a mystery prize worth a certain amount of money. Any money that you collect will then be donated to a non-profit organization of your choosing.

Don’t Invite the Kids

If you truly want to host a fun holiday party that allows adults to sit back and relax, then make it an adults-only party. Remember, it can be difficult for some parents to find babysitters over the holidays, so you might have to make a few exceptions. If you need to let kids into the party, have a designated room for them to watch television and play video games with the other kids so they won’t get bored.

Hosting a fun holiday party can be simple if you plan ahead and think outside the box. Try not to ask too much of your guests so that they can feel free to enjoy the party.


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