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How to Refresh Your Look Before the Holidays

As the weather gets colder and the trees begin to change color, we know that the holidays are just around the corner. If you have big plans for this holiday season, this could be the perfect time to refresh your look. Here are some ways that you can freshen up your look this year just in time for the holidays.

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Paint Holiday Nails

To feel festive and cheery but in a subtle way, you can always paint holiday nails. With nail care tools and holiday nail colors and styles, you could even do your own manicures and pedicures yourself and treat it like an at-home spa day.

If you are terrible at painting your finger and toenails, consider going to a nail salon. Leave it to the professionals and relax while your manicurist does what they do best. Look for the best nail salon near your house if you want to save yourself the hassle of doing your manicure yourself.

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Have Fun with Holiday Sweaters

We know that holiday sweaters can be corny, but they can also be a lot of fun. If you’re looking for clothes for the new season, consider getting a holiday sweater or two for fun occasions.

You may look like little Miss Cheesy, but it doesn’t matter if you’re having a blast with holiday sweaters and staying warm. Plus, if you get ready with a couple of great sweaters right now, you can bet you’ll be well-prepared for the inevitable holiday parties that will require Christmas looks.

Invest in Warm Clothes

Because the holidays mean colder temperatures, you may want to consider investing in warm clothes for the changing seasons. From boots to oversized bomber jackets, there are a lot of great styles trending right now for fall and winter, so if you’ve been wanting to update your style, now is the time to do it.

What worked last year may not be perfect for this year’s styles. However, don’t just discard your old clothes. Sell them on websites like Poshmark or donate to charities in your city. Fast fashion isn’t great for the planet, so shop around for long-lasting styles while making sure that your old clothes get reused in some way.

Get a New Haircut

If you’ve been sporting the same look for a while now, updating your haircut can be a fabulous change for the holidays. If you have a lot of fun plans in store for you, why not wow your friends and family with a complete change of look? This could be a short bob or bangs—whatever makes you feel great, do that. Want a new hair color? If you have a hairstylist that you trust, ask them for tips on the best look for you.

Update Your Makeup

The changing of seasons can also mean a changing of makeup colors. The light foundation you wore in the summer may need to be switched up for a moisturizing option and the lip colors that were reminiscent of sunny days can now be replaced by rich colors that pair nicely with that winter look. If you want to look great for the holidays, consider updating your makeup as well.

You can order a makeup subscription if you want to make life easier for you. You simply define your favorite colors and needs and then let the subscription do the hard work of choosing the best options for you.How to Refresh Your Look Before the Holidays article pin

In Conclusion

From your nails to your haircut, if you want to be holiday-ready, consider updating your style with these tips. A drastic change may be what you’re in the mood for or subtle changes can be the best way to feel the holiday cheer without experiencing the dread that can accompany big style changes gone wrong. Most of all, do you? If you’re happy with your style and look this holiday season, you’ll show up that much happier on any occasion.

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