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Incredible Glamping Sites Across the USA

Did you know that the United States is home to tons of incredible glamping sites?   Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’, is one of the hottest vacation trends of the past few years. It’s a great way of mixing natural camping and the outdoors without having to ‘rough it’ or give up your home comforts, such as a comfortable bed, heating, and a private bathroom.  Glamping is a perfect vacation option for a family or group of friends.

From glamping in the Smoky Mountains to waking up surrounded by Utah’s red rocks, travel start-up AllTheRooms has selected the best glamping sites in the USA:

Incredible Glamping Sites across the USA, #SimplyAmazingLiving

1. Nantahala Yurt, North Carolina

North Carolina is an excellent spot to go glamping and the state’s famous Appalachian mountains are known to be the oldest mountains on earth. The surrounding areas are packed with mystical forests, ancient trees, and tons of hiking trails. These incredible Nantahala Yurts are luxury tents that lie right beside the Smoky Mountains. Each yurt features a queen-size bed and an incredible dome skylight, where you can gaze at the stars. It’s the perfect place to bring the family as the yurts sit right by Fontana Lake and you can wake up to lake views and eat breakfast on your very own private deck. There are tons of fun activities in the surrounding area, such as canoeing, whitewater rafting, and nature tours. The only problem is that you’ll never want to leave!Incredible Glamping Sites across the USA, #SimplyAmazingLiving

2. Conestoga Ranch, Utah

Conestoga Ranch in Utah is an excellent place to take the family glamping. There are multiple glamping options on offer at Conestoga Ranch, with the most popular being its converted wagons, which are renovated carriages that look like something out of the 1800s Old West. The wagons are comfortable and tastefully decorated and can sleep between four and six people. For a true slice of glamorous glamping, there’s even a full onsite spa at the ranch.

Incredible Glamping Sites across the USA, #SimplyAmazingLiving

3. Peaceful Glamping, Oregon

This converted greenhouse is an unusual glamping option that will provide comfort for all. It’s situated on a large 67-acre organic farm and equestrian facility, and there are tons of hiking trails in the surrounding area — as well as the possibility to ride horses. As the accommodation is a converted greenhouse, you’ll truly feel like you’re waking up in the middle of nature. There’s an indoor hot tub, which is perfect for a romantic soak. It only sleeps two people, so this is a glamping option where you’ll want to leave the kids at home.Incredible Glamping Sites across the USA, #SimplyAmazingLiving

4. Trail Lakes Campground, Florida

Trail Lakes Campground is run by “Gladesmen”, who live life in an old-school Floridian way. At the campground, there are a variety of accommodation options, with the best glamping option being rustic Chickee Huts, which are modeled in the style of the traditional homes of local native Florida tribes. The huts sit on wooden stilts and have a thatched roof, and the glamping area is an excellent place to stay, just a three-hour drive from Tampa.

Incredible Glamping Sites across the USA, #SimplyAmazingLiving

5. Glamping Tent near Zion National Park,  Utah

This incredible glamping experience sits right by Zion National Park. The tents have comfy king-sized beds and stylish furnishings. You’ll be waking up to unbeatable views of the surrounding Utah red cliffs, and in the evening, the view of the night sky is something you’ll never forget. The giant tent can sleep up to ten people and outside of the tent, there’s a picnic table, a fire pit surrounded by wooden chairs, and 120 acres of private land with fascinating ancient petroglyphs that you can visit.

Incredible Glamping Sites across the USA, #SimplyAmazingLiving

6. Paws Up, Montana

There are several wonderful glamping options here at the Resort Paws Up in Montana. From mid-May through mid-October, you can be surrounded by nature, while not giving up your home comforts. The glamping tents come with stylish hardwood floors, fine linens, air conditioning, and heat — and there’s a private, en suite bath. It’s so luxurious it will be hard to believe you’re camping.

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Glamping Sites in the USA


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  • Annemarie LeBlanc
    September 11, 2019 6:42 am

    Beautiful places to camp in luxury! I was trying to choose a favorite but it is difficult to do that! The one in Oregon and Montana look so inviting!

  • You just added one more activity to my bucket list: glamping! And those destinations are definitely worth the hype: talk about glamping in luxurious tents beside a smoky mountain Nantahala Yurts or in wagons in Utah?! Whooa! I just love this!

    • I never heard of glamping. These are some amazing destination. Will keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  • These all look amazing! Taking my girls on a road trip has been something I am dying to do, just the three of us. I think they would LOVE experiencing these camping options since they are both fussy! lol

  • Nantahala yurt is absolutely incredible. I think the dome skylight is awesome for kids to enjoy and a great way to bond with the family too.

  • These places are so beautiful! I’ve just come back from Europe and was kind of upset that the adventure is over, but I guess, I’m ready to plan a new one. I think, thi time Utah after seeing such a beauty!

  • This is my first time hearing about glamping. But it sure does sound like something I would definitely enjoy. Thanks for sharing

  • I am so not a camping person but Glamping is something I’m definitely into !!! All of these places are so beautiful and I just want go there and relax !! Thanks for sharing them !!!!

  • The North Carolina Yurt barely looks like it could be consider clamping, more like staying in a really nice hotel! I love the idea of the wagons the most though – that would just be so unique and awesome! Blessings!