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Invisible Fence Offers the Best Pet Containment Solutions

This Invisible Fence offers the perfect pet containment solutions post is sponsored and the opinions are my own.

Invisible Fence Offers the Best Pet Containment Systems

Take the stress out of pet training with the Invisible Fence containment system.  Contact them today to get a free consultation. 

My children received a Wirehaired Dachshund puppy as a present from a friend.  It was love at first sight.  named him Rebel – and boy does he live up to his name!  We struggled with his pet training on our own.  Too many shoes were damaged, countless chair legs nibbled upon, and he managed to escape the confines of our fenced-in backyard.  Dachshunds are diggers by nature, and he would dig underneath the fence and escape to our neighbor’s yard to play with their dogs.

So, we did some research online and asked a few friends about companies that provide safe and highly recommended electronic containment systems for dogs and that’s how we found Invisible Fence.   Invisible Fence has been an innovator in the pet containment industry for more than 40 years.  Their dog training is the only one developed with (and approved by) leading animal behaviorists.  Most importantly, the correction Computer Collar® doesn’t hurt the animals.  It just guides them away from areas that you don’t want them to be in or around.

Invisible Fence has safe containment systems for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages.  They offer both indoor and outdoor containment solutions for your home.

Invisible Fence Offers the Best Pet Containment Solutions

Indoor Shields Plus Solution

Invisible Fence put the “in” in “independence.”

With a little help from your dog, your newly upholstered sofa can be redecorated in a fetching paw print motif. To your cat, the kitchen counter looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sometimes pets just can’t help themselves. So, Indoor Shields Plus Solution helps instead — whether you’re protecting your home from your pet, or the other way around. Invisible Fence Indoor Shields Plus Solution keeps your pet out of trouble — and out of the crate. So, he or she enjoys their freedom. And you can enjoy your sofa … without paw prints.

Adjustable signal field.

Indoor Shields Plus units provide a circular signal field up to 12 feet in diameter. It’s the perfect protection for larger pieces of furniture or even sections of rooms.

Custom options.

A discreet cable can be used to design a customized safe area for your pet.

Part of Invisible Fence total home pet care.

Indoor Shields Plus units are fully compatible with the Traditional 800 Series and Boundary Plus® Pet Fences, as well as their exclusive Electronic DoormanPet Door.

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Micro Shields Indoor Solution

Big solutions for small spaces.

Your pet might be a trash tipper, a power cord teether, or a stalker of potted palms. Perhaps your pet has developed a taste for Italian leather shoes. Micro Shields Units protect your pet from little temptations that can spell big trouble. So, even when you’re not there to supervise, your pets stay safe. (And so do your shoes!)

Small. Adaptable. Effective.

Place a Micro Shields Unit just about any place you want to keep safe from your pet (or vice-versa).

Adjustable signal field.

Micro Shields Indoor Solution creates a circular signal field up to 3 feet across, so you can provide safe indoor boundaries for your dog or cat, even in tight spaces.

Works with Outdoor and Doorman™ Solutions.

Expand your system — and your pet’s freedom. Invisible Fence solutions are fully compatible, and fully customizable for total home pet care.

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Train and Protect Your Pets with Invisible Fence

My family can rest easy knowing that our Rebel is safe at home within the Invisible Fence containment system. More details on Invisible Fence and the containment systems they provide can be found here: INVISIBLE FENCE

Take the stress out of pet training and keep them safe by contacting Invisible Fence to get a free consultation. Join the thousands of satisfied customers that trust Invisible Fence for their pet containment solutions. We hope that you enjoyed this Invisible Fence offers the perfect pet containment solutions post.

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This article originally was posted on Divine Lifestyle on January 9, 2018, written by Autumn Murray.


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