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Israel Ministry of Tourism Celebrates Pride Atlanta

Israel Ministry of Tourism

Israel Ministry of Tourism Celebrates Pride Atlanta

One of the main focuses of my website is to celebrate diversity and inclusion for all.  We want to share stories of inspiration and highlight events and efforts of those trying and/or succeeding in making a positive difference in this world.  We want to inspire others to make the conscious decision to Choose Love in every aspect of life.

We recently attended a brunch sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism celebrating Pride in Atlanta.  Israel is among the leaders in equality for sexual minorities.  

Strike Out Against Racism

The 48th Atlanta Pride event drew in thousands of people for its celebration of diversity and inclusion.  Atlanta Pride takes place the 2nd weekend in October rather than in June when most major cities hold their events.  The featured event activities are centered at Piedmont Park and due to park and drought regulations, the event had to be moved to October. Atlanta Pride is the country’s largest National Coming Out Day observance.

Israel Ministry of Tourism Celebrates Pride Atlanta

Patrick T Cooper (R)

Patrick T Cooper

Guest of honor at the event was Patrick T Cooper, The Fashioneer.  Patrick is a style guru, Influencer, and an emissary of encouragement. He shared his experience about his trip to Israel for Pride in 2017.  In his words, his trip was “life-changing.”  From the culture, the beauty of the land and architecture, to the overwhelming acceptance of the gay community.  He had an unforgettable experience and looks forward to returning again soon. 

Israel Ministry of Tourism Celebrates Pride Atlanta

L'chaim! L to R: Evelyn Mimms, Patrick T. Cooper, Autumn Murray

5 Fast Facts about Israel:

  1. Israel is the only country in the world whose number of trees increases on a yearly basis.
  2. Israel is the first country to place a ban on the use of underweight models.
  3. Apart from Hebrew, there are around 35 languages and dialects spoken in Israel.
  4. Israel has 137 official beaches along its 273 km of shoreline.
  5. Israel straddles the Asian and African continents but is considered to be in Western Asia.

Israel Ministry of Tourism Celebrates Pride Atlanta

About Israel Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is an economic ministry, whose primary aim is to increase economic activity. The ministry is responsible for the planning, development, and marketing policies in the tourism industry. The ministry has defined its goals to increase internal tourism and to focus on overseas marketing in target countries and sectors that could drive incoming tourism.  More detailed information can be found on their website HERE.

Lucky Brand

Israel Ministry of Tourism Celebrates Pride Atlanta

L to R: Patrick T. Cooper and Autumn Murray

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We hope you loved this Israel Ministry of Tourism Celebrates Pride Atlanta post.

Thank you Israel Ministry of Tourism for inviting me to this lovely event celebrating diversity and inclusion for all.


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