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Life Time Athletic Atlanta Cycle competition

Life Time Athletic Atlanta Cycle Competition

Each October, Life Time Fitness holds a cycle competition to encourage members to take cycle classes offered at all of their locations nationwide.  Life Time's mission is to provide an entertaining, educational, friendly, and inviting, functional, and innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family.

And each October, my friends and I have a friendly competition to see who can take the most classes at our location at Life Time Athletic Atlanta.
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Ryan Makely-Philips at Lifetime Athletic Atlanta

October Themed Cycle Classes by Ryan Makely-Philips at Life Time Athletic Atlanta

Themed Cycle Classes

Throughout the cycle competition month, Ryan Makely-Philips, Life Time Athletic Atlanta's Boutique Cycle Manager, designed a lot of fun and creative-themed classes to encourage participation.  Themes included: a celebration of Pride Month, 80s Rock ‘n Roll, a tribute to Stranger Things, Halloween, and a Halloween Cycle Karaoke class led by Ryan and instructor Hallie Heller-Chase.

Cycle Competition Winners at Life Time Athletic Atlanta

Kendra Whittemore, Dave Bittenbender, and I rounded out the top three members with the most cycle classes at Life Time Athletic Atlanta with a combined total of 199 rides between us.  With an average of 20 miles “per ride” in each class, we averaged a grand total of 3,980 miles – the distance from Atlanta to Anchorage Alaska is just over 4,000 miles.  That is some pretty amazing mileage!

While this was probably a normal month for Dave as he is always focused on health and fitness as he is a USA Dragon Boat champion and current competitor in competitions around the world. Kendra and I biked around our work and family schedules to get as many classes in as we could.  We went a little crazy this year as Lifetime partnered with Sandals Resorts for the cycle competition. Talk about an incentive to do what we love – workout, feel great, and possibly win a Sandals Resorts vacation?  We went all in and gave it everything we could. At the end of the month, I completed 81 classes, Kendra came in a close second at 71 classes, and David with 47 classes.  Kendra wins the prize for most classes in one day as a few days she took five classes, whereas my limit was four.

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Life Time Athletic Atlanta Cycle Classes

Life Time Athletic Atlanta's main focus is health and fitness and offers 100 indoor cycle classes per month.  Indoor cycle classes are incredible workouts that push you at your own pace. Life Time's expert instructors drive energy with music, drills, and motivational coaching.

Types of classes indoor cycle classes include:

  • AMP – AMP is a heart-pumping, calorie-burning, high-energy cycle workout that’s fueled by the beat of the latest music.
  • EDG- EDG blends metrics-based heart-rate training with motivational music for a fun and results-oriented cycle workout.
  • Power – PWR is a structured cycle training class designed for the cycling enthusiast or triathlete.
  • AMP Sculpt – AMP Sculpt infuses our heart-pumping AMP class with body-sculpting sections for a party-like, full-body cycle workout.
  • EDG Sculpt- EDG Sculpt takes our metrics-based EDG class to the next level, adding strength training to drive your results even further.
Autumn Murray - Lifetime Athletic Atlanta Cycle Competition

My tribute to Bubba Dee Licious at Life Time Athletic Atlanta's Halloween Ride and my 81st Cycle Class

Life Time's Amazing Instructors

Thank you to all of the Life Time Athletic Atlanta instructors that encouraged our friendly competition and played some amazing playlists during our rides — Ryan Makely-Philips, Hallie Heller-Chase, Tisha Sheridan, Clare Klitenic, Michael Morris, and TJ Ventre.  Instructors like you make working out fun and keep us coming back for more!

Ryan Makely-Philips and Hallie Chase at Lifetime Athletic Atlanta Cycle Competition

Life Time Athletic Atlanta Boutique Cycle Manager Ryan Makely-Philips and Cycle Instructor Hallie Heller-Chase in costume for the Halloween cycle class.

About Life Time

Life Time was founded in 1992 by Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President Bahram Akradi, with its first location in Brooklyn Park, Minn. The company opened its first 65,000-square-foot club in Eagan, Minn. in 1994. Life Time remains committed to championing a healthy and happy life for its members through a portfolio of unparalleled athletic lifestyle resorts that go beyond fitness to encompass the entire spectrum of daily life for individuals, couples, and families of all ages.


Lifetime Fitness Cycle Competition

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