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Local Pizzaiolo Launches Neo-Neapolitan Pizza Concept in Atlanta

Neapolitan Pizza Master Giulio Adriani’s Concept Will Deliver High Quality, Signature Italian Creations, Announces Atlanta as First Market.

Pizzaiolo: Traditional Definition (noun)–A man who makes pizzas in the pizzeria

Pizzaiolo: Urban Dictionary Definition (lifestyle)— The business operator of a locally owned neighborhood pizzeria/pizza restaurant who can carry on the most intriguing conversations, helping customers without skipping a beat all while slapping dough.

The Local Pizzaiolo (pronounced piz-za-yo-lo), a new Neapolitan-inspired pizzeria obsessed with delivering high quality, authentic, and signature Italian creations, is opening four locations across Atlanta. Italy native and globally acclaimed Neapolitan Pizza Master Giulio Adriani will serve as the Master Pizzaiolo and will train the ‘local pizzaioli’ who will maintain quality and taste at the individual restaurants.

“We believe in the art of creativity without compromising the Neapolitan heritage. “The Local Pizzaiolo will deliver a taste of authenticity,” explains Giulio Adriani. “We want you to eat like you only live once and take pleasure from every bite.”

“Sauces nowadays are loaded with sugar and lots of things you don't want in them, but Giulio (makes something) very special,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The Local Pizzaiolo will open four locations in Atlanta, two of which will open next year, including:

      • West Midtown
      • Toco Hill
      • Sandy Springs
      • Madison Yards

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Giving Back to the Community

The Local Pizzaiolo is pledging to donate “a piece of the pie” towards programs that support the education and empowerment of the next generation. In Atlanta, 10% of the retail price from every sale of the Local Pizzaiolo’s signature Jarred Peaches and signature Tomatoes will go to No Kid Hungry, a campaign ending child hunger in the United States. The Local Pizzaiolo will also be launching their Pizzaiolo Education Series, a training for select students from the Art Institute’s Culinary School led by Master Pizzaiolo and four-time World Pizza Making Champion, Giulio Adriani. Students will receive a certificate of completion and can earn employment as one of The Local Pizzaiolo’s premiere pizza makers/pizzaioli.

Local Pizzaiolo Launches Neo-Neapolitan Pizza Concept in Atlanta article image

The Master Pizzaiolo: Giulio Adriani

The Master Pizzaiolo: Giulio Adriani

Certified as an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Master by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) and the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN), Giulio is considered one of the world’s leading pizza experts. Giulio has a unique vision for innovative flavors while remaining true to the authenticity of pizza making taught to him by his Neapolitan grandmother “Nonna Maria.” In 2011, his signature pizza – the ‘Montanara’ which has a flash-fried crust, was so unique in the culinary field, it was the documented reason his green card to the US was approved. Giulio grew up in Rome and has owned and operated successful restaurants including the well-loved and critically-acclaimed Forcella in NYC. A four-time World Pizza Making Award Winner,  Giulio is now taking on the challenge to scale his love of teaching and Neapolitan pizza via The Local Pizzaiolo.

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  • Sofia Boesen
    July 10, 2020 12:13 pm

    With its consistently tasty pies, The Local Pizzaiolo s bold, multi-location debut is a big bite worth taking Typically, when a new restaurant concept is launched, there’s just one location. It stands alone to be tested and refined in real-time.