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Believe in the Magic of Christmas with Santa.Com

Tis the season of excitement! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the enchantment of Christmas is a little over a month away. My kids are already caught up in the holiday spirit, eagerly inquiring about when we'll be adorning our home with Christmas decorations. Join us in savoring the magic of Christmas with through this post., the official cyber residence of Santa, proves to be the ultimate destination for both parents and children to immerse themselves in the holiday ambiance. Upon exploring the site, I found myself reliving the joy of believing. Every aspect of the site is meticulously designed to reaffirm that Santa is indeed 100% real.

What sets apart is its focus on instilling true holiday spirit without fixating on presents. The Santa's Nice list promotes politeness and good habits while reinforcing positive reading habits. The site's blog blends entertaining “inside scoop” content with historical events, and the Santa Libs Christmas games serve as a playful way to teach parts of speech. While may not be an explicitly educational platform, it goes beyond mere entertainment, offering kids a wholesome experience that parents can feel confident about sharing with their little ones.

Believe in the Magic of Christmas with Santa.Com

This “Believe in the Magic of Christmas with Santa.Com” post is sponsored. 

Believe in the Magic of Christmas with Santa.Com offers:

E-mails from Santa (free) – has the most genuine email Santa Service.  They are the only site in the world that will send a detailed and thoughtful reply using the email [email protected].

Text Messages from Santa ($9.99) – Receive daily personalized text messages filled with Christmas spirit, funny facts, and positive values.  It's a great no-stress Way to enjoy some Christmas Spirit every day.

Handwritten Notes from Santa – In late November, offers a new service for sending handwritten notes from Santa.  Stay tuned for further details.

Christmas Coloring Templates – Your little ones can download fun Christmas coloring templates from

Santa's Personal Blog – Older children can enjoy reading Santa's personal blog with their parents.  Santa writes his texts with kids in mind and he adds a few jokes for the adults to enjoy as well.

Believe in the Magic of Christmas with Santa.Com

At, anyone can sign up for messages or email Santa, no matter their age.

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Believe in the Magic of Christmas with Santa.Com

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Believe in the Magic of Christmas with Santa.Com

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This post originally appeared on Divine Lifestyle on November 19, 2017, written by Autumn Murray. 



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