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Make the Gig Economy Work for You

You can make the gig economy work for you!  Millennials know all about popular app services, such as Uber and Deliveroo. They regularly use them to hail a ride or order their favorite takeout. You probably know all about the benefits of using these modern service businesses!

But have you ever considered working for them? For instance, Uber is regularly looking for new drivers, and food-delivery apps are always on the lookout for cyclists and drivers who can deliver meals to customers. The best thing about working for these firms in this way is that you will be self-employed and have some say in the hours you work. However, these types of jobs – that makeup what is now known as the ‘gig economy’ – aren’t always the most stable options. That’s because you won’t have a contract, and aren’t always guaranteed to be given enough work.

But is there a way to make the gig economy work for you? Read on to find out!

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Look For Some Extra Income

It’s a good idea to try and boost your income by finding a side hustle that you can do on the side of your gig work. That way, if there is a week when you don’t get called out as much, you won’t be financially worse off for it. It is possible, that you might even want to try and get two different gig jobs so that they support each other.

Become Financially Stable First

Before you take a job in the gig economy, you should try and get into a strong financial situation. That means clearing off any debt and fixing your credit ratings. There are a few credit cards to help build credit that could be worth taking out. Once you are financially stable, going for a week or two without a lot of gig work shouldn’t harm you too much.

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Get Professional Tax Advice

When you take on a job in the gig economy, you will need to take care of your own taxes. It is really important that you don’t file your tax return incorrectly, as you could receive some extra charges or fines. And that will cost you dearly! So, even though hiring an accountant to do your taxes for you might seem expensive on the face of it, it can actually work out cheaper for you in the long term.

Don’t Burnout

When you start working, you might be tempted to try and take on as many jobs as possible so that you can build up a nice little sum of cash. However, that could involve working for long shifts, which won’t do your health any good. You could get very stressed and your mental health could even suffer. So, you need to give yourself plenty of rest and a long enough break in between shifts so that you don’t burn out. Trust me, the money isn't worth the burnout!

Use these tips, and you will find that the gig of work can be a nice little earner for you. Which type of job will you do?

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