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Michelle Obama on cover of ESSENCE Magazine

Michelle Obama on the cover of ESSENCE Magazine Photo credit: Miller Mobley


Former First Lady Michelle Obama on ESSENCE

Former First Lady Michelle Obama rocking her natural curls for the very first time on the new cover of ESSENCE’s December/January issue is everything to me. This past year I started flaunting my natural curls because it really is less hassle than flat ironing my hair in addition to being extremely cost-effective and saves so much of my time. It also helped to find the right product to give my curls the definition that I was looking for. I use Noodle Head Curling Creme by Beyond the Zone.  It cost less than $15 to buy! I have been searching for products for years and have paid a lot of money to just now find this creme.  Better late than never as they say.

Love is Everything

Michelle Obama on cover of Essence

No Politics Allowed

Whether or not you agree with Former First Lady Michelle Obama's politics, there is no doubt that she is an inspiration to women and young girls of all backgrounds. She has always been a champion of healthy eating, education, and our veterans to list just a few.  I would love to meet her one day and get one of her infamous hugs and to thank her for always being a beacon of positivity regardless of the circumstances.

Michelle Obama has been around the country promoting her book “Becoming.”  My favorite television interview that I have seen so far has to be the one that she did with Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show.  Check out a clip of it here which highlights Michelle's eight years as First Lady:

Happiest Days in the White House

In the Essence December/January issue, Former First Lady Michelle Obama gives us the scoop on her happiest days in the White House, how she balanced both a career and a family and shares advice on how to find a partner that shares your same goals and aspirations. 

A quote from the ESSENCE article on her happiest days in the White House: 

“Any day that I got to spend time with children was a good day. Sometimes if I was in need of a pick-me-up, my staff would schedule an event with young people to give me a boost. Kids give me energy. They get me out of my own head and remind me about the things that are most important.”
– Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Diversity in Entertainment

Michelle Obama on cover of Essence pin

Get Your Copy of ESSENCE Magazine

Pick up the latest issue of ESSENCE to read more from their interview with Michelle Obama, including Obama’s White House confessions and an exclusive excerpt from her new book, Becoming Michelle Obama.

Choose Love Over Hate

Get your copy of “Becoming” by Michelle Obama today!

Other books featuring Michelle Obama:

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About ESSENCE Magazine

ESSENCE is the premiere lifestyle, fashion, and beauty magazine for African-American women. With its motivating message, intimate girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, compelling and engaging editorial lineup, and vibrant and modern design, ESSENCE is the definitive voice of today’s dynamic African-American woman.  In 2008, ESSENCE won 12 New York Association of Black Journalists awards in the Investigative, General Feature, International, Business/Technology, Science/Health, Arts & Entertainment, Personal Commentary, Public Affairs, and Online categories. The publication has a monthly circulation of 1,050,000 and a readership of 8.5 million. The first issue of ESSENCE hit the newsstands in May 1970, with a circulation of 50,000.

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