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Pizza to the Polls in Atlanta for Vote Early Day

Pizza to the Polls is a nonpartisan 501 c 3 nonprofit initiative organization that ensures people are fed while they participate in democracy. Whether that is feeding people who are waiting in a long line to vote or as they engage in voter education, turnout, and registration efforts. Pizza to the Polls is here to keep democracy delicious and joyous while supporting voters and non-partisan nonprofits in the process.

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Pizza to the Polls


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Vote Early Day and Votelanta

For Vote Early Day, Pizza to the Polls partnered with Votelanta and the People’s Uprising for a huge voter mobilization event at Atlanta’s Dome In the City where they provided their new pop-up pizza booths to provide free food to thousands of students from all over Georgia. 

Attendees were encouraged to early vote and show up to the free concert with their “I Voted” sticker (early voting was not mandatory to attend). The stars of the show were student performers from Georgia State University, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College who were competing to win an exclusive recording session with a major music label. Atlanta Musical artist Gucci Mane was the headliner for the event.

Amirah Noaman

Amirah Noaman

Amirah Noaman

We sat down with Amirah Noaman, Executive Director of Pizza to the Polls to ask her a few questions about the organization.

Why did you get involved and take the role of Executive Director?

I began to follow Pizza to the Polls in 2018, a nonpartisan, non-profit organization delivering snacks to people in long lines at polling stations. Their funny and earnest but impactful mission resonated with me. I felt a deep sense of connection with the nonprofit as it matched so well with my own background in volunteerism and entertainment. Impressed with the way Pizza to the Polls’ worked to fill an important gap in voter support systems, I joined the initiative as Program Director in 2020 and continue now as Executive Director in 2022 to help keep people fed while being a critical part of our civic ecosystem.

Why is the organization necessary?

Our organization is necessary because it’s vitally important to support and feed people, both with our signature food trucks and on-demand free pizza deliveries. We want under-resourced and typically underrepresented young people to feel empowered to use their voices to vote and engage in the civic process, despite the new laws and barriers that have been enacted to discourage them.

With Georgia’s new election laws, do you foresee any problems with providing food for the upcoming Georgia Special Election?

We’ve been navigating some of the new voting laws following the 2020 elections. During this year’s midterms, we’re taking a non-traditional approach to ensuring Georgians are well-fed heading into the elections. We’ve partnered with nonprofits such as  New Georgia Project, HBCUs, and universities like Georgia State and Georgia Tech to turn voter registration and voter engagement efforts into free pizza parties, celebrating their Get Out The Vote efforts.

What does the future look like for the organization?

What sets Pizza to the Polls apart, is that we have the flexibility in our programming; whether that’s sending our custom food trucks, pizza stands, or pizza deliveries, we can be nimble in our nonpartisan support of voters.  We will continue to feed folks as they participate in civic life and our democracy as long as there is a need to do so.

Do you think there should be a national holiday where everyone gets a paid day off from work to vote?

When more people vote, the entire electoral process is able to run more smoothly. Whether this is done through a national voting holiday, or by feeding people at voter registration and education events, it all helps to engage and excite people about the civic process.  Historically the United States has struggled with voter turnout. In fact, in 2020, only about 69% of voters cast a ballot- more than any other year- but that is still only two-thirds of the eligible population. We need to do everything possible to ensure that more people vote in future elections.

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