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Science of Sound in New Revel Ultima 3D Sound System in Lincoln Aviator

Did you know that the car is the #1place that people listen to music?  I know I couldn't handle driving or riding in a car without listening to my favorite music.  When I am in the market to purchase a new car, the audio system plays a key part in my decision to buy the car or not.  If the audio system in the vehicle doesn't have superior audio quality, then I will not be spending my hard-earned money on that car.

I had the experience of listening to the new Revel Ultima 3D Sound System in Lincoln Aviator and it had me at “premium sound quality” and the amount of science involved in creating such an amazing sound for the new Lincoln Aviator.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. It is my motivation, my inspiration, and my saving grace when I am feeling down.  With all that is going on in the world at the moment in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and the tense political environment we are in, I am relying on music even more than I did before to keep me focused and motivated.

Revel Speakers and sound system in Lincoln Aviator

Revel Speakers and sound system Post Pin image

Get in and Drive!

Our household is practicing social distancing as much as possible and we are wearing our masks when out in public.  Like everyone else, we miss being able to do all the things we used to do before the pandemic.  As we are staying at home so much more than we ever did before, my kids and I are spending a lot of time in our car just to get out of the house and have something to do.  My family and I drive around listening and singing along to our favorite music with no particular place to go.

Revel Speakers and sound system in Lincoln Aviator image

Photo credit: Revel by Harman

Revel Created the Ideal Listening Environment

The all-new Revel Ultima 3D sound system in Lincoln’s all-new three-row SUV offers consumers a choice between three listening modes – stereo, audience, and on-stage.  But the best part about the system is that it takes the listening experience to a whole new dimension by adding an immersion control slider in the center stack and four sets of dual-height speakers in the Aviator’s headliner.

The slider allows consumers to personalize the audio experience by determining how much they want the music to envelop them in a cabin featuring 28 speakers. The addition of the height speakers allows for a 360-degree listening experience, transforming the Aviator cabin into a true concert hall for the road.

Revel Speakers and Sound System in Lincoln Aviator Front Side Door speakers image

Revel Speakers on the passenger's side door of Lincoln Aviator

Revel Trunk Speakers and Sound System in Lincoln Aviator image

Revel Speakers in storage capacity of Lincoln Aviator

Concert Hall Made for the Road

The Revel Ultima 3D sound system is SIMPLY AMAZING!  It really is an intimate experience that makes you feel that you are in a concert hall made for the road.  Revel engineers maintain the same standard in their luxury home theaters by designing the vehicle with an architectural structure that ensures every detail of a song reaches an occupant’s ears at the precise time and level, delivering the most authentic listening experience. This design is crucial to delivering the award-winning sound quality for which Revel is known.

Revel & Lincoln | Behind the Wheel, Inside the Sound – YouTube Playlist:

About Revel

Every Revel product is the result of thousands of hours of work.  Since 1996, they have relied on their technical resources, one-of-a-kind testing facilities, and cutting-edge design tools unavailable to most manufacturers to create every loudspeaker we produce. That's how they continue to set the standard for acoustical accuracy and allow Revel customers to experience a level of acoustic clarity that they've never heard before.

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