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Simple Pregnancy Guide for First Time Dads

As a first-time dad-to-be, it can be a strange transition for you when your partner is pregnant. Although you won't be able to carry the baby or have an immediate connection, there are things you can do to bond with your baby and support your partner throughout her pregnancy.

A simple pregnancy guide for dads to be.

It’s All About Her

Yes, gents, the next 9 months will be all about your partner and baby. This is an idea you should get used to because even after the baby shower, your partner and baby will still be reliant on you to look after them. This is what being a Dad is all about supporting Mommy and nurturing your baby.

So while you might not be experiencing pregnancy symptoms week by week, you can help her by doing a few practical things. Make up a bunch of meals you can keep in the freezer for those days when you just don’t get a minute to cook something healthy; make sure that the car is in good shape with good tires ready for the trip to the maternity ward; listen to your partner’s needs and respond with empathy – she’s going through a lot right now!

Pregnancy guide for dads.

Bonding with Baby

Mommies have an incredible opportunity to connect with their babies while they are in the womb and for many Dads, this can make you feel a little bit left out. However, there are some things you can do to bring yourself a little closer, even when you don’t have a womb!

Singing and talking to the bump might feel a bit weird to start with, but since babies can learn to recognize the voices of their family at an incredibly young age, it is a good way to begin to bond. Tell your baby how much you love them and sing nursery rhymes or lullabies if you like, or try reading from a storybook for youngsters if you like. It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you are talking.

Touching Mommy’s bump is also a good way for you to bond, though you should respect that sometimes she won’t want to because she is uncomfortable. Feeling a baby kicking is one of the most life-affirming experiences and will make the whole thing so much more real for you!

Pregnancy guide for dads


Nesting is a term that is generally applied to mothers-to-be and describes the urge to clean and prepare the house for the new arrival, including decorating and furnishing the nursery. However, there is no reason that Dads can’t share in this activity.

Work together with Mommy to choose a color, pick out soft furnishings and do your bit figuring out how to construct the flat-pack furniture you are bound to buy! You should also start taking over some more of the household duties as she gets bigger because movement will get harder for her and frankly those last few weeks are tiring!

Being a Dad is such an incredible journey and it starts well before the birth of your baby. This is your time to get responsible, help your partner, and become a parent.

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