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Six Tips for Planning a Road Trip in an Electric Vehicle

It is amazing how electric vehicles are evolving. With more models getting improved batteries and extended ranges on them, they are beginning to transcend from mere commuting vehicles to journey-friendly vehicles. As these EVs are safe for the environment, you will realize that you can have a smooth trip by planning well. We have gathered the following tips so that you can enjoy your road trip in your EV, without much hassle. 

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Know Your Vehicle

Today, most EVs are perfect for road trips, and the first step to maximizing their benefits is to understand the range your model has. If you are going on a 500-mile trip, using a vehicle with ranges lower than 100 miles would mean frequent stops and may make your ride quite uncomfortable. However, you do not need a vehicle with a mighty long range on it, but one with an averagely moderate range would do just fine.

Also, if your vehicle is fully electric, you will probably readily agree that they are not perfect for off-grid trips. If you want to go off-grid, hybrids or plug-in hybrids would suit your needs better, as you can carry a backup gas for when you run out of battery power. If not, you may want to stay away from rural areas with less populated charging stations nearby. 

Route Your Trip Around Fast Chargers

Thankfully, there are so many charging stops for electric vehicles now, and their numbers keep increasing. Before you set out, you will need to map out public charging on your route for convenience. To ensure that you do not spend so much of your precious time charging, you may want to consider visiting CHAdeMO charging stations for rapid charging options. 

With these stations routed out, you will get quality power for your trip in no time, while also maximizing daylight so you can cover more ground during your travels. Also, remember to plan ahead and bring along your charging adapters if your vehicle needs them to charge faster. 

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Maximize Your Charging Time

If you have to charge up during your trip, you may want to maximize that charging time with some necessary tasks, so you do not sit idle. You can always plan your meal breaks around this charging time, especially if you are using the quick charging stations. Similarly, you can plan some fun activities, like shopping for some necessities or catching a quick glimpse of the cities you are in. 

Travel Light

To maximize your range, you may want to shed unnecessary luggage that you do not need. The heavier the vehicle, the more power is required to move through your trip. So, before you pick any item, ensure that you really need them and cannot easily get them at your destination. A lighter vehicle helps maximize your range as much as how you drive, especially since many cars employ a regenerative braking technology that helps to conserve energy when slowing down. 

Book Hotels With Charging

As most hotels are now offering EV charging in their garages, you can take advantage of this feature to save time. Before you set out, book hotels that offer on-site charging. Most times, they may be entirely complementary or part of the parking fee. Either way, you can wake up to a fully charged vehicle to continue your trip. Also, you may want to carry your home charger or adapter along, just because you never know. 

Leverage Technology

As there are so many electric vehicles available now, there is a whole network of apps to make your experience easier. They come in handy in every step of your planning. With these apps, you can find the best routes around charging stations, you can also find specific charging stations that suit your preference. 

They even help you find hotels, stops, and popular landmarks that have free charging so that you’ll never find yourself stranded. Moreover, in situations where you inevitably run out of battery power, some electric vehicle manufacturers offer complimentary towing to the nearest charging station. That way, you can get your power restored and continue your trip as planned. 

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Ready To Go?

The experience you get while on a road trip with an EV is completely different from your conventional gas or diesel vehicles. It is so much fun and even better. It’s also much cheaper, too. However, it is advisable to always have a backup plan, since most of your trip’s success is dependent on how much battery you have at any given time. 

Also, if you’re not sure when you want to go, you may want to consider summer trips. This is because colder weather can take a toll on your car battery. All the same, we’re certain that with this handy guide to help you, you will have an amazing road trip – no matter where you decide to go!

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