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Autumn and Rodney - Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

To fully appreciate the beautiful and captivating city of Sydney Australia, you must place the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb on your “to do” travel list of experiences.

Opened in 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a world-renowned symbol of Australia. Positioned across Sydney’s breathtaking natural harbor, the Bridge is one of the most photographed features of this beautiful city.

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Side note:  A friend of mine is from Sydney and she had her wedding at the Sydney Oprah House.  Her wedding pictures turned out to be amazing with the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background.

The Coathanger

Known to Sydneysiders as ‘The Coathanger,’ the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s largest (but not longest) steel arch bridge. Connecting the northern and southern shores of Sydney’s sparkling harbor, the Bridge is an instantly recognizable symbol of Australia.

The official opening day of the bridge was in March of 1932.  Today, the Bridge is the heart of Sydney. Beloved by the locals, it stands as a striking feature of Sydney’s famous skyline, whether from the ground or above. It is central to the city’s everyday festivities, famously as the centerpiece of Sydney’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular.

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My husband and I absolutely loved the bridge climb.  I thought it might be intimidating and a bit frightening because of the height, but it was actually very calm and enjoyable.  We were quite taken with all that Sydney has to offer from the food, the people, and all that there is to see and do – Sydney Australia has it all.

We look forward to returning one day and bringing our kids along for this amazing bridge climb experience and possibly to watch the infamous fireworks display done annually on New Year's Eve.

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