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The Best Ways to Look After Your Eyes When You Travel

If you’re going on vacation anytime soon, then you’ll want to ensure that your health is as good as it can be so that you have a wonderful time. One thing that can be negatively impacted when we travel is our eyes. This is because different environments and weather conditions we’re not used to can wreak havoc with our eye health. That’s not to mention potential long flights and sleepless nights – all of this can become problematic. So, here we’ve created a list of things that can help you to keep your eyes in peak condition on your travels – take note!

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High-quality Prescription Glasses

First on the list is prescription Ray-Ban glasses – you can get these as eyeglasses, or sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. If you have the right eyewear for your trip and you’re not always relying on contact lenses that can dry your eyes out, then you’re doing yourself the world of good. Opting for high-quality glasses means they’re less likely to break and they’re more likely to keep your eye health in top condition.

Also, you have the option to get anti-glare lenses which will make your time in the sun more comfortable – particularly if you choose to get sunglasses too. Having great quality UV-protection frames that shield your eyes from the sunlight means you’re much less likely to suffer from eye strain or even sunburnt eyes – yes, that’s a thing. Be kind to your eyes.

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Eye Drops or Eye Wash

When traveling, there’s a good chance your eyes are going to get a little tired, for various reasons. Disturbed sleeping patterns, low humidity on planes, dusty environments, changes in temperature, and so on, can all negatively impact your eyes, and subsequently, your vision. That’s why you need to ensure you pack eye drops in your day bag to relieve any discomfort as and when.

Whilst eye drops are great for giving your eyes much-needed relief when they’re dry, eye wash is designed to clean your eyes. So if you’ve been lounging all day on the sandy, windy beach or swimming underwater in a chlorinated pool, giving your eyes a good clean at the end of the day will be very much welcomed.

Keep Hydrated

To keep your eyes healthy, you need to keep your whole body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When we’re away, particularly somewhere hot, it can take its toll on our bodies. That’s why we must do our best to combat any of the issues that can be triggered by this. If we don’t drink enough water, then our eyes can dry out. This, in turn, can lead to headaches, pain, and problems with our vision. Not ideal, to say the least! Make sure you always have drinking water by your side – there are many unappealing side effects to becoming dehydrated, which could put a negative spin on your vacation.

Our eyes are such an important, delicate part of us, so we need to make sure we always look after them, particularly when we’re away. By taking the advice above, you’re ensuring that you’re well prepared for any vision-related eventualities that may come your way on holiday. Have a great trip!

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